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This Woman Was Enjoying Her Food At A Wedding When A Photographer Started Filming Her. Her Reaction Is Hilarious

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There are many reasons I dislike virtual weddings. One of them being the lack of a buffet at these events. Delicious food of varying cuisines is my main motivation to attend weddings in the first place. But of course, like most things, COVID has managed to suck the fun out of this as well leaving us parched for entertainment. Today, I was reminded of just how much I miss attending weddings and eating at lavish buffet’s when I watched a hilarious video featuring a woman thoroughly enjoying the food at a wedding when a photographer tries to click pictures of her eating. We all know just how annoying that is, don’t we?

At every wedding I have attended, a photographer has shoved his camera in my face while I was pigging out at a buffet. No matter how much I scowl or try and move away quietly, they always seem to pop up from somewhere or another. That’s exactly what happened with this woman as well. She was engrossed in her food when a photographer came and ruined it for her. We can all relate to her dismay.


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The video is going viral on social media. In it, a woman is eating a plate of rice and gravy with her hands. Savouring the dish the way we desis are taught to at any wedding. Just when she was about to take a big bite, a photographer approached her with a camera and brought it extremely close to her face. The woman quickly got uncomfortable and started using a spoon to eat the rest of her food. She obviously got extremely conscious. What makes her reaction so funny is that we’ve been in the position she is. It’s all so relatable. In the end, when the camera zooms into her the woman smiles as if she is trying to control her laughter and continues to eat her food in a more sophisticated manner than before.

This wedding video had me in splits!

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