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Woman Booked For Assaulting Neighbor After Argument Over Not Wearing A Mask!

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As of recently, on ‘edge’ is not just a signal status on a mobile phone in bad network areas, but also a mind space where most people are spending their time in, thanks to the pandemic. Paranoia has become the new normal and people are constantly on edge in fear of catching the virus. While most of us are busy policing our own selves and keeping our temptations of going out at bay, there are also people, other than the actual police, who can’t help but police others.

As did one woman who went a little too overboard in the name of cautioning her neighbor for not wearing a mask, that she ended up allegedly hitting her neighbor.

Identified as Advaitha, the woman apparently pretended to be an IAS officer as she started reprimanding a neighbor for stepping out of their houses without a mask. Up until now, her reaction seemed pretty understandable, however it was when she resorted to violence, that the matters became intense.

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Booked by the Sadashivanagar police on charges of assault based on a complaint filed by the victim, the police explained the matter as, “The accused was walking with her dogs when she scolded the complainant for not wearing her mask properly. This led to a heated argument after which the accused hit the complainant — who lives in the same neighbourhood — with a cane that she was carrying.”

The officer continued to share, “When we questioned the accused, she initially claimed that she was an IAS officer shouting at our personnel too. Later, she admitted she was not from the services, after which she was released on station bail.”

Turns out the woman was trying to justify his actions as “policing”, which of course wasn’t her place to do in the first place. The accused as of now will be interrogated further to get to the bottom of the matter. In the meantime, it is best to restrain our policing – moral or otherwise, just till ourselves. And not for a mask please.

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