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10 Things To Do When You Are Stuck In Godforsaken City Traffic

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I dread going to work every day. No, it’s not because of my job, but then you already know how much I love it, courtesy the many articles that are written about it.

It is because of the commute. My office is so far away from home that my mom wishes me a ‘happy and safe journey’ every day, before I leave.

And what makes it worse is the never-ending traffic. My colleagues and I literally pack snacks and stock up on water before venturing out on the long road trip sans the fun. And no matter which city you live in, we’re all probably in the same boat…well, car.

But since we have to travel 2 hours each way, daily, we’ve found ways to entertain ourselves and make sure we don’t die enroute.

Here are 10 things you can do to pass your time while stuck in traffic, and they are 100% tried and tested. In fact, my friend and colleague, Meghana, says that these car rides are the best part of her day!


1. Obviously Sing Out Loud

This one’s a no-brainer. Turn up that volume and sing like you don’t have a care in the world. This is the only time people won’t judge your singing talent. Also, even if you have co-passengers, they won’t have any option but to bear with it. Win-win!


2. Flap Like A Penguin

You can’t really dance and show ’em moves, but what you can do is flap your hands like a maniac and just lose yourself in the music.

You’ll be laughing at yourself so hard that you won’t even realise how badly traffucked you are.


3. Stare Or Make Faces At Everybody

Channel your inner child and make funny faces at the neighbouring vehicles. If there are children or a hot guy in the next car, then even better!


4. Listen To Audio Books

That way you can’t complain that you don’t have the time to read! Download podcasts or audio books — you’ll be surprised at how great they can be. Also, if you have motion sickness and can’t read while travelling, podcasts are perfect.


5. Call People Or Pets

A good use of your time would be to catch up with your loved ones. Call your mum, bestie, or your doggy who misses you!

PS: use your handsfree, please.


6. Make Notes

Technology now allows you to make notes and reminders using your voice. You might just get so addicted that you will end up writing an entire novel.

And if you are a writer like I am, you can even finish an article in traffic, just like I did this one.


7. Memorise The Lyrics

Considering you sing in the car, you will ultimately learn all the words in the songs you love, and you will no longer have to make a fool of yourself during karaoke sessions!


8. Plan Your Travel

If you’re driving, please refer to point no. 6. Or maybe use this time to plan your next holiday. The thought of travelling will take your mind off the traffic and get you pumped up for the day ahead.


9. Play Car Games

Do you know how many car games there are in the world? Google and go nuts.


10. Cry & Bitch

Abuse at the top of your voice or cry your eyes out, because there is no getting out of this situation. Believe me, it feels good. So good.


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