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#WOTW: Everything You Wanted To Know About The Paper-Bag Waist

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The fashion industry is strange and intriguing at the same time. By the time we wrap our heads around a trend, we’re already two seasons too late. Don’t feel left out yet, because this is where we come in. So this week I’ve picked a garment that I’m quite sure you’ve seen around even though the name stumps you. A “paper-bag waist”, to be precise. A paper-bag what, you may ask? Allow me to  introduce you to this wonderful garment.

A paper-bag waist is a high-waist garment that’s usually seen on pants and skirts. They’re the ones with pleats on the waist and some extra cloth coming out on top of the cinched waist. Contrary to what many people think, a paper-bag waist looks flattering on every body shape, so don’t listen to them haters! And on a side note: Don’t follow fashion trends that dictate what you should or shouldn’t wear because of your body shape. Wear whatever you feel like wearing as long as you’re comfortable in it.

Paper-bag waist pieces are best worn with a fitted top to show off the style and flatter your shape. A loose-fitted top will just look messy and won’t do justice to the fabulous bottom. These pants/skirts are the epitome of chill. Once you wear paper-bag waist pants, there’s no looking back. It’s like living in your pyjamas. I mean who doesn’t agree that comfort coupled with style is a killer combination? If we got to wear pyjamas all day every day, even to work, we would be overjoyed!

Usually, paper-bag garments are at least one size bigger, so you can style them really well with belts and scarves. You can create at least three different looks with this one piece of clothing, it’s THAT versatile! Team these with a crop top and sneakers for a casual day out, or a tucked in crisp white shirt for work, or a tank top, geeky glasses and slip ons for a lazy weekend brunch. #Win!

We’d love to see how you style your paper-bag waist pants. Slay this trend and send us a picture, maybe?!

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