Vikas Khanna’s Unsent Letter To His Grandma Is So Adorable. It Reminds Us Why We All Need Our Grandparents

As a child, I would wait for summer vacations. Obviously, because school’s out, but also because that would be the only time of the year I could go and stay with my grandparents. They pampered me, bought me whatever I wanted, just let me laze around all day (something my mother never let me do), and of course just talking to them was very soothing.

Every kid feels this way about their grandparents, especially grandmothers. They are supportive, loving and are always willing to cook you, your favourite food. This feeling is a global phenomenon. Even celebrities like Vikas Khanna share a deep bond with their grandmothers.

How do we know this? Because the Michelin-star chef recently took to Instagram to share an adorable post with a letter, he wrote to his biji (grandmother) nearly two decades ago but never sent. In that letter, the 48-year-old chef is telling his grandmother about all the struggles he is facing as a young man in New York and the early phase of his career.

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Vikas has earlier opened up about how his grandmother is his inspiration behind his love for cooking. As adorable as the picture of him feeding his grandmother is, the caption is what stole our hearts. It read “Found an old letter I had written to my grandma from my early days in New York, but never mailed it. I think it was Feb, 2001. My dearest Biji (Grandma), Bow to touch your feet. I hope your health is fine. I started a new job at a small café near WTC. Its American food, I find it very bland. But I work very hard to fit in. One dishwasher is from Mexico, he is very nice to me. Reminds me of home. New York is very big and very bright, and I feel invisible and lost. Winters here hurt my bones. The rain does not have any fragrance. The sweater you knitted keeps me warm. Somedays I feel that I will never find my identity here, but I will keep going to make you proud one day. Promise. I miss you and my Golden Temple and my city and my Lawrence Garden and whatever I left behind. Somedays I feel that your tired prince is a slave and would never be anyone or anything. Whatever remains of me is still hopeful because of you. Remember that you used to tell me a story of a heroic seed that broke through the wall and grew. I feel good then. I am far but very close to you. Your Prince, Viku.”

I think that is the cutest thing I have read in like, forever. Vikas is so candidly talking about his struggles with life, being homesick, and of course missing his family and the way it is written, you can almost feel it. Even though this was written 20 years ago, it just holds so much relevance. If I ever moved abroad, I think I would be telling my grandmother very similar things (only difference is I would call her, who sends letters anymore?).

One of the biggest things that also shone out to us is how Vikas was called prince by his grandmother. Don’t grandparents always spoil us silly? It’s literally the best thing ever.

Nothing compares to the unconditional love that exists between all grandparents and their grandchildren. This letter is everything pure, adorable and I just can’t seem to stop reading it over and over again.

Mitali Shah

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