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Video Of A Woman Wearing Henna Blouse Goes Viral And People Cannot Keep Calm About It!

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Fashion is something that is super personal to each individual. What one person might find fun, comfortable and trendy, others might not. I personally try not to be too harsh and judgemental about what others choose to wear. However, I am only human, I sometimes can’t help but be astonished if someone wears something questionable (to me at least). So imagine my surprise (and slight concern) when I saw a viral video of a woman wearing a henna blouse under her saree. Yes, you read that right. A HENNA BLOUSE!


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To me, a saree is one of the most graceful attires in Indian traditional wear. I am almost in awe of how many types of sarees there are and all the different ways to drape them. However, while I appreciate the creativity, I am surprised by how people always find a way to take it up a notch. The woman in the video is seen wearing a gorgeous white chikankari saree and instead of wearing a traditional cloth blouse, she has worn a henna blouse. The henna blouse is essentially similar to what we Indians wear as Mehendi on the hands. It has been intricately designed around her upper torso and shaped like a blouse. 

The internet was just as bewildered and pounced on the video with all sorts of comments. People had positive stuff to say about her fashion choices…

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… and some (prudes) were very critical of the henna blouse. Notice how most commentators talking about what a woman should or should not wear are men? Sigh…


Regardless of anything, I feel that people (as they usually do) overreacted to the video. While it is not practically the most feasible concept, she did rock it! Paired with the gajra and overall traditional attire, that blouse looked really good and legit. And who knows? people might make a trend out of the henna blouse in the future.

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