Back Henna With A Backless Blouse Is The Latest Bridal Trend That’s Making Heads Turn (Quite Literally)

Whether you are having an intimate lockdown wedding with just your close ones or planning a big fat Indian wedding once things get normal, the only thing that remains unaffected by the length of your guest list is your bridal look. Since it is an extremely important day of your life, every minute detail in your bridal looks should be striking and gorgeous. You can hop on cool bridal trends like matching kaleeras, personalised lehenga latkans or looks debuted in the pandemic like embellished masks. For brides who want to take this a notch higher and make their bridal look really memorable should see the henna blouse trend. If you are going for a backless blouse for your wedding, get this back henna art to show off beneath your sexy racerback or deep neck blouse. If you aren’t going for a backless blouse, we suggest you do, cause this is the most beautiful bridal trend we have seen in a while.

Henna blouses have been quite a trend lately where instead of the fabric, henna art is doodled on upper arms, back and chest to give an illusion of a blouse. They sure look pretty but let’s face it, completely ditching your blouse for a mehendi design isn’t something that most desi women would go for, especially on their wedding which is attended by extended family and relatives who shame you for wearing even shorts. However, back henna is something you can totally pull off and even fetch some compliments from those same aunties. Also, for brides who want to rock a backless blouse but think it’s too bold, this could save you all the trouble. It makes your backless blouse tastefully sexy since the area is still covered up, just with beautiful motifs and designs of henna. See for yourself.

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A delicate backless blouse can really amp up your bridal outfit and make your otherwise traditional look a bit more sultry and swoon-worthy. If you are one of those experimental brides who is looking to add some sexy elements to your look, you could go for a blouse with dainty back details and get intricate henna made on your back. It looks incredibly pretty and makes your backless blouse as ahem, a head-turner as it should. 


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No matter how simple your outfit is, back henna can do the trick and add an X-factor in your look. Make sure your blouse isn’t too embellished though that it takes away from your henna art. Keep the design of the back of your blouse as simplistic and minimal as you can. Also, keep your hairstyle in mind. Opt for buns and updos to tell the back henna show in all its glory.


If you are hesitant about the risque backless and racerback blouses, you can go for your traditional dori (string) blouse and still get an intricate back henna that could peep through it. Get a blouse with just some criss-cross tied doris and let the henna be the attention grabbing element in your bridal look, whenever you turn around. Also, with this blouse type, instead of the full back henna, get a necklace design or you could also make your henna artist doodle in and around the doris, like a floral vine or a little danglers to make it more artistically pleasing. 

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