From Sunscreen To Sanitary Pads, Everything That Deserves A Spot In Your Concert Bag!

Pack well, sweetie!
From Sunscreen To Sanitary Pads, Everything That Deserves A Spot In Your Concert Bag!

Concerts are a go-to choice for many of us to spend some quality time with friends and loved ones on the weekend. With Vh1 Supersonic all set to take place from February 16 to 18, 2024, music lovers are excitedly flocking to the city of Pune to watch their favourite artists perform live. Besides keeping a check on your concert fashion, one should take note of these must carry, essentials for time at the musical fest. Want us to help you build your checklist? Take a look here!


Save your skin from the harsh rays of sun. Make sure to keep your tinny little bottle of SPF in your handbag, for eery time that your skin needs a doze.

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Don’t rely on your UPI for transactions, and please carry your wallet, full of cash. Also, change rakhna mat bhulna. 

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Power Bank

Like you, your battery can die anytime, so charge your phone with power bank.

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Not just your skin, your eyes also need some protection. Make sure to keep your favourite sunnies in your bag. You can also carry some quirky designs to match your look.

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First Aid

All that jazz is important, but what’s more essential is keeping a first aid kit. From bandaids to essential medicines, keep your tiny first-aid ready.

How to Stop Severe Bleeding - Keck Medicine of USC

Water bottle 

Jal lena mat bhoolna, because exhaust toh hi jaoge. Make sure to keep your mini water bottle, always by your side, like your bestie.


Portable fans

Be the diva, and walk with your own fan(s), with a quirky, cute portable fan for every time that the heat kills you.

Colorful handfan with spray hydration function – HandFan

Makeup Essential Kit

For all you makeup girlies, keep your little kit handy. For every next minute that you think, your face needs a touch up, your bag should have all the essentials. Make sure to pack a lip balm, wet wipes, makeup fix, hair tie hand cream, concealer and a little perfume roll on.

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Afraid of bad taste or bad breathe? Carry a pack of mints to rescue. Also, because you might have a kiss-full weekend. Who knows?


YARN | Maybe pop a mint before you crack that nut? | Bob's Burgers (2011) - S10E12 A Fish Called Tina | Video clips by quotes | be235bdd | 紗


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Toilet seat/Sanitiser

Concerts are a breading ground for germs and we don’t wanna get any home. Right? So while packing your bags, make sure you keep a toilet seat spray and sanitiser handy for every time you go for a piss.

Hand sanitizer: Why I hate it and you should too! - Pink of Health

Sanitary napkin/Tampon

Periods or parents ka call, can come anytime, and you gotta be ready to attend them. So, if your day is coming closer, be sure and keep your tampons, and sanitary napkins intact.

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