Hautetalk: Women Molested At AR Rahman’s Concert By Men. But Internet Seeks Accountability From Feminists. REALLY?

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Hautetalk: Women Molested At AR Rahman’s Concert By Men. But Internet Seeks Accountability From Feminists. REALLY?

On September 10, many A.R. Rahman fans stepped out of their homes in Chennai to go witness his magical music live at his concert but their night turned into a nightmare. Fans arrived at the venue only to find out that 50,000 tickets had been sold whereas the venue could only host up to 25,000 people. Not only that, people who paid exorbitant amounts for the VIP tickets were in for a shock because as per media reports, there was no VIP section at the venue. Soon after things got even worse after a chaotic and stampede-like situation began and several female fans of the singer were molested and groped.


Amid mass molestation and groping allegations, singer A.R. Rahman took to social media to issue, what I’d like to call a non-apology apology. In a tweet, the singer requested fans who couldn’t get into the concert to reach out to his team and management for a refund. In an Instagram post, Rahman said that while some people call him GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), it’s time people let him be the “sacrificial goat”. He also spoke about how it’s time for people to wake up and let Chennai’s infrastructure improve while speaking about crowd management and traffic management.


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What a favour the singer did to all of us by not taking accountability for the terrible management and by not apologising to his female fans who were a victim of molestation and groping. It’s shocking that the singer has given his fans a non-apology apology despite the fact that all those people who suffered were there for him. Every single fan who booked their tickets for the concert did it for A.R. Rahman and it’s his fans who are filling his pockets. They’re his bread and butter and yet the man couldn’t bring himself to apologise. A.R. Rahman is being blamed for picking an incompetent management agency and rightly so. But the singer refused to “point fingers”. I wonder, why? Why is the singer not calling out the agency or firing them not just for mismanagement but also for defrauding his fans by selling more tickets than the venue capacity and selling VIP tickets despite there being no VIP section?


Speaking of the management, the event company ACTC Events has issued an “unconditional apology” and have taken full accountability for the mismanagement while adding that they wanted it to be an “unforgettable night” but due to “unforeseen circumstances” fans couldn’t witness the concert. Now here’s what’s really interesting. The founder and CEO of ACTC Events, Hemanth Raja took full responsibility for the mismanagement and requested fans to not blame A.R. Rahman for it. In case you’re wondering what these “unforeseen circumstances” were, the ACTC Events CEO claimed that they did not oversell the tickets but the situation was caused by overcrowding and ticket duplication. That’s some “unconditional” apology. Way to go, sir!


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But I have to give it to the management because they did ensure that A.R. Rahman’s concert was an “unforgettable night” for many many women who were victims of mass molestation and groping. FYI, reports claim that the event company hired college students to volunteer for event management and that’s what many concerts and events do. It’s not uncommon for event companies to hire students on a day-to-day basis which helps them cut costs while managing events and that’s also why many concerts held in India struggle with mismanagement issues. These volunteers hired for a day do not undergo any kind of background check and no one cares to check if they have any previous experience or not as long as the event company doesn’t have to spend a bomb while the fans (usually women) face the brunt of it.





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Having said that, men are equally to blame for this entire fiasco. If anything, this incident proves that men need to be carefully monitored when they step out because they clearly do not know how to behave and cannot control themselves. Or rather, they just don’t want to control themselves. Men at the event decided to take advantage of overcrowding and molested and groped women leading to mass molestation accusations. To make matters worse, no complaints have been filed and the issue is not being probed.





This goes to show that women will always be unsafe because the second men think they can get away with it, they WILL misbehave with women and violate their consent and bodies. And with a heavy heart, I have to add that the fact that so many men actually got away with groping and molesting women gives them the confidence to do it again and again and again because they did get away. Should we really let men like that out on the streets unattended?


ICYMI, several women have taken to social media to share shocking incidents of molestation and groping that took place at the overcrowded A.R. Rahman concert which just BTW did not have any arrangements for women’s safety. And what’s worse is that, while men take advantage of crowd, its the same crowd that helps them get away by saying things like “oh it’s crowded, he didn’t mean to”, but he did!


That’s not the only issue with this entire incident. Several social media users are calling out public figures like Chinmayi Sripada for not speaking up about the shocking incident of mass molestation due to mismanagement at A.R. Rahmana’s Chennai concert. But why do people need her to speak up? What is that going to do? How is she related to this matter? Allow me to explain. This is just another way to shed the blame. Social media users are putting the onus on a third party and expect her to speak up and point fingers at women in general instead of focusing on the fact that the shocking incident is not being taken seriously by the authorities.



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This goes to show how blaming women and shifting the focus on them is more important to people instead of the actual issue.



Oh, she’s a singer so she’s not talking about women facing mass molestation at another singer’s concert seems to be much more important than the reality that women got mass molested and groped because men do not know how to behave in public. Instead of calling a spade, a spade, this entire being is twisted to hide the disturbing realities of our society.

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