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This Couple From Uttar Pradesh Donated Blood To A Young Girl On Their Wedding Day And Saved Her Life. This Is Commendable!

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Most couples on their wedding day are only and only about extravagance (Read: The Big Day on Netflix). They are about attention, perfection and a whole lot of OTTness and honestly, we can’t blame them. It’s one of the most important days in their life and it’s natural to be consumed with things going perfectly smooth. And while that is the popular belief, there are also some couples that are not just about things going right, but also doing the right thing. Like this couple from Uttar Pradesh that decided to donate blood on their wedding day to save a young girl.

Still dressed in their wedding clothes, garlands and mangalsutra around their neck, this couple didn’t shy away from helping out a girl in need by steeping up on their wedding day and attending to their call as responsible and caring human beings.

Uttar Pradesh cop Ashish Mishra, whose ‘Police Mitra’ initiative was the one that connected the couple with the girl who was in dire need of blood, wrote on Twitter, “My India is great.” The cop went on to mention how no one would step up to donate blood, all because she wasn’t their daughter.

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That is when this selfless and kind couple stepped in, who didn’t bother for taking a detour on their wedding day, but decided that it was more important to save a life than anything else. Officer Mishra lauded the couple for their efforts as he wrote, “On their own wedding day, the couple donated blood to save the girl’s life.”

The picture where we can see the groom laying down on a hospital bed as he is donating blood, while the wife stands beside him in support, is a treat to the eyes. They’ve been receiving a lot of praise online, as people are saluting the couple for their choices and wishing them a happy married life!

After all, what can be a better wedding gift for the both of them, than the satisfaction of doing something selfless and kind on their big day? Kudos to the happy couple!

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