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6 Types Of Women On Their Period EVERYONE Has Come Across

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Psst, is it that time of the month yet? Are you chumming? Acting a little (or very) bitchy? Aunt Flo, Menses, whatever you’d like to call it; it always boils down to one expression — periods are a damn bitch!

Nothing great comes from the boxing match that happens in your uterus, except for the obvious reproduction aspect of it. However, those 5 days of torture are treacherous and dreadful. From the bloating to the cramping, and the mood swings to the breakouts, mother nature’s vengeance just doesn’t get better with time.

After you’ve spent 5 days barely surviving, the gore Jigsaw torture ends, and that’s when relief sets in. Only for this to repeat itself, for the rest of your life till mother nature’s next bitch, Menopause appears.

Oh well, the perks of being a female eh? Almost every woman on her period has the same set of dialogues that are constantly set on repeat each month — I mean, if the bloody period is on repeat, why should we change course, right?

Feed ’em, love ’em, and stay extra careful around ’em, here are 6 types of women on their period that everyone has come across.

1. The Aggro One

This is the woman who is constantly annoyed when she’s on her period. She roams around with a “don’t you fuck with me” expression on her face, and literally nobody even dares to mess with her!

2. The Pill Popper

This person CANNOT do without her pain killers, and she will insist on popping one every hour!

3. The Drama Queen

She’s the one whose mood swings oscillate like a clock’s pendulum. You know, the one who will burst into tears, and then suddenly snap at you in a minute.

4. The Conspiracy Theorist

Periods always come at the worst time ever, and this woman’s cycle follows that mantra. She’s the one who believes that her body’s main aim is to embarrass her at the most significant times possible. Getting her period on the one day she doesn’t have a pad, her period popping up just before a date? Yep, that’s her!

5. The ALWAYS Hangry

This is the girl who only wants to eat; that’s it! Her stomach is an endless pit that doesn’t seem to satisfy her, causing her to be super angry…sorry hangry every single time.

6. The Bindaas

The one who DGAF that she’s on her period and isn’t all hush-hush about it. In fact, she embraces the torture and gives it a spin of her own.


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