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Two 10th Grade Girls From Bengaluru Raised Rs 2 Lakh In 24 Hours To Buy Oximeters For The Poor

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This second pandemic wave has completely knocked us off our feet. Every morning, the first thing I do is check the number of new cases and deaths. It leaves me feeling hopeless and helpless. Hospitals are overburdened, corpses are piling up at crematoriums, families are being ripped apart and the end to this chaos is nowhere in sight. We are hanging on by a very thin thread but even then, I can say with conviction that one day we will be able to leave our houses not having to worry about masks and social distancing. I know that because there are a few people who are working tirelessly to ensure that we get through this. For instance, these two 10th grade students from Bengaluru raised Rs 2 lakh in just 24 hours to buy oximeters for underprivileged people. It’s this sense of community that will lead us to the other side of this storm.

Sneha Raghavan and Shloka Ashok from Greenwood High International School in Bengaluru undertook an initiative to raise 200 oximeters for the people who can’t afford them. These two 10th grade students raised over Rs 2 lakh in merely 24 hours. They are now working towards distributing these oximeters to NGO Sampark, an organization that will in turn distribute them among slum and rural women across Koppal, a city in North Karnataka.

It all started when a social worker, Anupama Parekh, approached the two girls with this idea. Sneha and Shloka gladly hopped on board to help as many people as they can during these pressing times. It was their job to contact the vendor’s and get the basic details such as prices, tax rates, delivery time and delivery charges. Once they did their due diligence and gathered all the necessary information, they let their teacher handle the negotiations.

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According to reports, Sneha said, “Being in the midst of a global pandemic, I realized that it is extremely important to take a step and give back to society. Anupama Parikh, the mentor for our project, gave us the list of manufacturers and their contact details. Once we had negotiated the prices with all the vendors, we compared them and went with the best one.” Further adding, “Some of the vendors were very motivating and encouraged us towards this good cause, but some of the others, even though they supported us, didn’t have enough stocks. They had to keep changing the number of oximeters they could provide for us.”

After collecting all the information, the girls made posters set up a fundraiser on GiveIndia. They sent a link to all their friends and family members requesting donations. The girls managed to collect Rs 2,14,000 in just over 24 hours. Not only did these girls play a hand in helping someone during a pandemic but they also learned so much from this initiative. What they accomplished is truly impressive!

The two girls hope to get involved in more socially beneficial activities in the future. We can all learn a little something from these two students. More power to them!

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