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Disabled Chhattisgarh Woman Volunteers To Help COVID Patients

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Amid the chaos of the pandemic, the only that is keeping us brave is the feeling of love, togetherness and a sense of community. They say there is a light at the end of every tunnel. At this moment in time, it’s very easy to give up. The anger, hopelessness and depravity in the air are overwhelming. However, despite all of that, we’re hearing stories of people displaying immense courage and resilience. Take this disabled woman from Chattisgarh for instance. Instead of sitting at home, she decided to step up and help out during these precarious COVID times.

35-year-old Girija Jhalchatri from Raipur, Chhattisgarh, is nearly half disabled. She isn’t a frontline worker, which means she could sit safely and comfortably at home. But Girija wanted to help out. With the sudden surge in her state, she chose to aid COVID patients. On 13th April she started working at an indoor stadium that had been turned into a COVID centre due to a major shortage of hospital beds.

At the centre, Girija was assigned to do all the registration work. According to reports, on her first day itself, as many as 250 patients were admitted. Wearing a PPE kit, she helps the patient to their allotted bed, checks their oxygen and pulse levels. She is also responsible for maintaining records.


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Girija never viewed her disability as a hurdle. She said that helping people in pressing times such as these gives her a sense of satisfaction and duty. Even though she has studied till Class XII, Girija feels her experience of having worked with NGOs in the past help her at her current job. If you weren’t in awe of this woman before, you will be when you find out that all this work that Girija is doing is purely volunteer work. She works for eight hours a day and has refused to accept any kind of remuneration. Whoever said good and pure people don’t exist anymore have clearly never heard of Girija.

Apart from doing all the registration work, Girija is also responsible for counselling the patients and extending some emotional support to their COVID-affected families. She said that she isn’t worried about contracting the virus. She said, “If we strictly comply with the Covid protocol and remain devoted to our work, then there is nothing to worry.”

Girija is an inspiration and role model.

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