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Life Lessons I Learned While Backpacking Across The Himalayas With My BFF

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My best friend is getting married in 2 months. Sigh. As is a must, we decided a trip would help us through this life-altering phase. The idea? Give her some peace of mind from the frantic wedding preps, and me, a chance to reconnect with her.


Travel With BFF_Hauterfly


After many attempts at planning this trip and most of them failing miserably, she decided enough was enough and booked two seats with this backpacking company, Wanderknots. We were going to the mountains, and it was funny ’cause she had never been backpacking. We were in for an adventure that would only make our bond stronger. That was the hope.

Yup, it was a bachelorette of a different kind.

Though we have practically spent every day of the last 5 years together, these 5 days taught us more about each other than sleepovers ever could.


Travel With BFF_Hauterfly


I saw a different side to her. One that I never knew existed. Whether it was her love for her family, or the fact that dogs have a special place in her heart.

Travel really does bring out the best and worst in people. The many layers of the person gently peeled off. Travel brings out the real you. And her real self made me love her even more.


Travel With BFF_Hauterfly


Life Is Indeed ‘Too Short’

When people say ‘life’s too short’… they mean it. And it’s time we take it seriously. Grab your bestie’s hand and take that trip you’ve been planning since forever. Do it before it’s too late. It may sound preachy, and a bit like an Instagram quote, but we are often so busy in our everyday lives that we simply don’t do it enough.

If we had cared about leaves, what society would say, or how unsafe it is to hike across the Himalayas… we would have been leading the same routine, and cursing our mundane lives. Now, we have a stupid smile plastered on our faces. Sore limbs are just a by-product.


Travel With BFF_Hauterfly


Health Should Be A Priority 

Hiking for hours from one village to the other; travelling by the local HRTC bus for 14 hours straight; sleeping on mattresses in the middle of nowhere; carrying our heavy bags around; these things really gave us insight into how unfit we were. And we’re in our early 20s.

It was a crazy wake up call to start eating healthy, and actually exercising. Health issues are not funny anymore, and a walk seems like a pretty good idea.


Travel With BFF_Hauterfly


Less Materialism Enriches The Soul 

One of the reasons  I enjoy travelling with the bare necessities is because this is a chance to discover yourself. In fact, we happened to have a digital detox we didn’t sign up for, but one that we probably needed more than we realised. When updating everything on social media is a necessity, we were without network for close to 50 hours. And it felt good.

We didn’t bathe for 4 days (ugh!), were in the same pair of track pants (eww!), and battled minus degree temperatures and rain. Sounds like a great package to drive anyone up the wall. But we enjoyed it. Actually shared stories with fellow travellers, got inspired, and really learnt how we are as humans.

Each one of us needs an escape like this to get back in touch with our inner selves.


Travel With BFF_Hauterfly


No One Can Replace Your Best Friend

When you travel with your bestie, you’ll  know why she is not just ‘another’ friend. She comes with zero judgments and immense care. It is in this week that I knew… we are meant to be BFFs.

I met her motherly, emotional side but also the one that is fiercely independent and wants to do so much more than just exist.

It is also while travelling raw that you actually know how humble the person really is. Not everyone can survive without getting annoyed in such situations, and she did.

Although, I can’t wait for her wedding to dance like no one’s watching, I know it’s going to break my heart to see her go. So, if you get a chance, even for an overnight camp, take it and go travel with your best friend. You’ll never regret it.


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