In The End, Please Travel Before You No Longer Can

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We dedicated every day of May on all things travel. We gave you the best destinations, what to pack, travel hacks to make vacation a breeze, quotes that inspire you, and even tips on how to travel with your pets. From personal experiences to celebrity travels, we put everything on the plate for you to devour. #HauterflyOnTheGo was for you and only you.

We spoke to ladies in the travel industry and asked them questions that you always had in mind. Day after day, date after date, all we did in these past 30 odd days was to try and convince you to travel more. Urging you with every line we wrote to pack your bags and leave. To leave and explore the world. The world that is so, so, so beautiful.



But, you know what? All of that, and I mean all of it, will be a waste if you don’t take that holiday you’ve been planning for so long now; the savings account that is just lying there, waiting to be used; the scrapbook with blank pages, waiting to be stained with memories.

There are enough and more people out there you can draw inspiration from, whose footsteps you can follow, and we brought to you those very people. Travel junkies who dared to dream, who did what you just keep thinking of doing. To read their stories and get inspired to do what you’ve been wanting to, for so long.



They say life is short, and it is, but it is on us to make it large and we definitely can. With each place, each city, each country you visit, you leave a bit of yourself there and attain something new. In one birth, you can live many, many lives. How exciting is that?!

I know someone who worked all his life and had decided that once he retires, he will go on a world tour. A week before his farewell, he met with an accident and is now paralysed for life. He is a happy chap, you know, but his biggest regret is that he didn’t experience the adventure he always wanted to when he could have. All he did was run behind money, wanting to be at the top of his organisation.

That hit me hard. Harder than I expected.

Not to sound too preachy, but it is true that travel is the only thing that can genuinely set you free. Everything else is temporary happiness, ready to disappear at any moment.



In the end, travel before you no longer can, before it’s too late. Book that surfing lesson, go camping in the woods, make complete strangers your BFFs, take that road trip to Leh, climb that hill, swim in the ocean, drive towards the unknown, stay with the locals, eat food dishes that you can’t even pronounce, look at the same sky in a different way every day.

Please, please travel, because you will regret later. And that is something you don’t want to feel. I see that regret in the eyes of someone I deeply love and it breaks me, every single time.

Let travel heal you, let it nurture you, let it love you, let it embrace you so tightly that you would never want to let go. Let travel make you, love you.

Japleen Kaur

Hauterfly's Lifestyle writer and resident Potterhead. In love with boxes, diaries, food, and conversations. Always in a state of fernweh. (Don't know what that means? Search the site for more!)

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