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10 Mini Tattoos Every Beach Bum Will Love

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The only thing I do when it’s pouring outside is dream about the beach. I love the warmth of the sand between my toes, being under the sun, and the sound of the waves hitting the shore. Yes, I’m the quintessential beach bum and the only thing I’m missing right now is the perfect beach tattoo.

Mini tattoos are super hot these days. They’re tiny, they obviously don’t hurt as much, and even your mom will approve of them. So before I headed to the tattoo parlour, I took the liberty of sifting through my Instagram and found some of the coolest beach tattoos around. Don’t forget to save this list for some ‘tattspiration’!

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1. If you’re not sure what kind of beach-y symbol you want, words are your best bet. You can get this one just about anywhere, but make sure it peeks out of your bikini when you’re on the beach.


2. Skip the regular fish and go for a blue whale instead. The prism effect makes the colour stand out and it’s definitely something you won’t get bored of looking at when you’re older.


3. If you’re too afraid to commit, just know that you can never go wrong with a classic wave.


4. What says ‘beach’ better than a pretty seashell, am I right?


5. Sometimes these tattoos are so tiny, you can’t resist getting more than one. If you’re really into it, get a wave on one ankle and a shell on another — they tell a story of their own.


6. The cutest place to get a mini tattoo is on the inside of your finger. It’s discreet and even your boss won’t have a problem with it. How adorable is this little sea horse?


7. A list about beach tattoos can’t be complete without a palm tree and an anchor. Put the two together and we have a winner!


8. I’ll be honest, the baby pineapple is one of my favourites on this list!


9. This little sail boat might look like your nine-year-old sister doodled it on your ankle, but if you’re going for something that reminds you of surf and turf, this is it.


10. In the end, the sea is all about being free. No matter what kind of mood you’re in, once you have that sand under your feet and infinite blue in front of you, everything feels great, liberating.



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