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To Prove Covid-19 Doesn’t Exist, Woman Licks Everything At The Supermarket. Eww!

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Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, people around the world have become more cautious than anything else. From checking the temperature, sanitizing their hands, double masking to checking each and every corner for germs – people have made following the Covid-19 protocols the new normal. But among these people, there are some people who are hilariously cautious and would go to lengths to check if there are any germs and or viruses present. Take the case of this woman who licks everything she touches at the supermarket to check for germs and viruses.

Recently, a video went viral on Twitter that shows a Colorado-based woman, Jodie Meschuk, licking everything that she touches at the supermarket – whether it be the fridge door handle or the trolley handle. The video has caused quite a disturbance to the viewers and not in a good way.


Jodie Meschuk is quite infamous in the ‘anti-vaxx’ community. In fact, she is known for misleading her followers regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and also encouraging them to not take the Covid-19 vaccine. 

In her latest Twitter video, she indulges herself in licking everything she touches at the supermarket to disprove Covid-19 and any other germs that might exist in public places. Jodie Meschuk does all of this without wearing gloves and a mask, risking others life. At the end of the video, she asks the viewers to choose ‘love’ over ‘fear’.

In fact, Jodie Meschuk has made a number of videos where she stupidly claims that ‘germs fortify your immune system’ and ‘exposure to germs build defenses against asthma and allergies.’

Many of the viewers who saw her latest Twitter video where she is licking every other surface of the supermarket have called her disgusting. So much so that one of the viewers also commented, “Pandemic or not, this is still nasty.”

And I completely agree. This woman, Jodie Meschuk, is not only putting her own life at risk by not following the Covid-19 protocols but also putting others at risk. Her act of licking everything she touches at the supermarket is so unhygienic. These are the kind of people who do not follow any protocols, and so end up getting the virus. They are also the same people who help in the spread of the virus. So, to all who are reading this, do yourself and others a favor and get yourself vaccinated for Covid-19. It is the need of the hour. 


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