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This Year, I Don’t Have To Commute To Work And That Makes The Monsoons More Endearing. Here’s Why

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Mumbai is known primarily for two things- Bollywood and our monsoon season. Everyone raves about how awesome Mumbai is during the 4 months that it rains. But let me tell you, those people have never lived in the city. Also, Bollywood’s description of monsoon season is far away from reality. First of all, the women aren’t dancing in a translucent yellow saree. Okay, not all women. Forgive me for being cynical but Mumbai rains are a pain to anyone who has to commute anywhere. The traffic is horrendous and you are guaranteed to ruin at least 3 pairs of shoes in the entire season. 

But not this year. This year, thanks to the pandemic and the lockdown, nothing is functional which means there is nowhere to go. And for the first time since March, I am actually glad. You see, I have a profound appreciation for the rains and the fresh air that it brings along with it now that I am indoors all the time. 

Here is why the monsoon season is more appreciated by us since we don’t have to commute. 

What’s better than waking up to the rain and knowing that you don’t have to go anywhere?

The answer to that question is nothing. There is nothing more satisfying than waking on a rainy morning and just knowing that you don’t have to risk the rain, the mud and the muck to get to work. Normally, all year I wait for monsoon but when the rains are finally here I am so annoyed at the fact that everything outside is always wet that I don’t get to enjoy the rain at all. And now, I sit by my window all day and enjoy the fresh air without caring about getting soaked. 

Endless cups of homemade chai and monsoon snacks by the window

My absolute favourite thing about monsoon is that feeling when you are standing at the chai tapri trying to duck under the tiny umbrella and having a hot cup of chai. Yes, I am sad that I won’t be able to do that this year. I mean, even if the lockdown is lifted there is no way I would feel safe buying chai from a tapri. But the good part is that this year get endless cups of homemade chai, without having to deal with the flies, muck and puddles. Also, sitting by the window and eating a hot bowl of Maggi is blissful. 

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Not having to worry about train travel during monsoons

Last year, I was travelling to Fort by a local train for some work and it rained so heavily that the tracks were flooded. Everything was damp and disgusting, there was a sea of people. We were stranded there for over three hours. That incident scarred me for life and completely put me off trains (for a while, I ain’t that rich). 

Trains and rain just don’t go together. Which is why I couldn’t more relieved and overjoyed that at no point will I have to endure that again this year. 

Getting drenched in the rain is voluntary and not an everyday occurrence 

If you have lived in Mumbai long enough then you know that no umbrella or raincoat is going to keep you completely dry if you are stepping out during the rains. You are bound to get wet (and I am not talking about the fun way). It’s endearing maybe the first 5 times but the 6th time you are just so annoyed that everything is wet all the time that you wish for the horrid summers to come back. Yes, that is how frustrating it is. 

But this year there won’t be any of that since we have nowhere to be. When we want to get drenched in the rain, it will be on our terms and voluntarily and not before a big meeting at work or a date. 

No icky or mucky clothes! 

Okay, this may not seem like such a huge problem but trust me it is. Rains and nice clothes do not mix and that is a fact. Walking is a task because there is muck everywhere which means that no matter what you do, you will get some on yourself. Besides, you have to super careful about what shoes you wear or you will end up ruining your favourite pair. And don’t even get me started on what happens to my hair. Let’s just say Barbados Monica has some competition. Also, I am so glad that we don’t have to commute anywhere right now because clothes absorb the moisture and even if you haven’t gotten wet, they feel damp and icky. And that my friends, is the worst feeling ever and it makes me want to shower 5 times a day. 

Put all these points together and you will understand why I have a newfound appreciation for monsoon’s now that I have nowhere to go and nothing to do. 

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