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This Woman Has Designed A Line Of Underwear That Has Phrases Reminding People To Ask For Consent

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In an ideal world, the way crime against women would be tackled is that there would be no crime to begin with. Women would be able to go about their lives without always keeping an eye over their shoulders and rape would be just a word in a dictionary, and not something that strikes terror in the hearts of women everywhere. And since that ideal world is difficult to reach, the next best thing would be to school men to be better human beings, the kind that understand the simple and up front concept of consent. Except, who are we kidding? Which is why the onus of our protection falls on ourselves once again, and helping us with it is Ella Fairon with her latest line of underwear.

A sexual assault survivor herself, Ella Farion is the cofounder of SafeBae, a student-led national organization whose mission is to end sexual assault among middle and high school students. With a prime focus on the concept of consent, Ella Farion is of the belief that, ‘nothing is hotter than asking first.’ And boy, do we agree.

Farion says, “Talking about consent is cool. Getting consent is cool. Everyone should be aware of it,” and to make sure that women aren’t deprived of that right, she has come up with an innovative way around the entire ‘ignore asking a woman’s permission’  by introducing  a line of underwear, Assk First.


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Based on the idea of sparking the important dialogue of consent, her new line of underwear features her hand-drawn designs with interesting and eye grabbing phrases that serves as an important and gentle reminder for whoever wants to take it off, to get a woman’s permission first, before going ahead.

Holding the underwear in their hands and posing with them on their Instagram page,  the panties are all printed with some brilliant catchphrases. One of the underwear reads, “Ask the cutie before touching the booty,” while another one says “Cool cats get consent”, made after Farion’s late friend and a sexual assault survivor  Daisy “Cat” Coleman died by suicide in August.


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Speaking on the new line that she has launched, Ella Farion shared, “If someone is in an intimate scenario and it gets down to the underwear, I imagine their partner being stopped in their tracks, like ‘Wait, what does your underwear say?'” Hoping her effort would push this conversation into the forefront, as well as normalising asking for consent, we are very intrigued with the kind of thought that has been put into her initiative here.

She further went on to say, “At the end of the day, your underwear is the last thing on you. I felt like it was important to start there because it could reach a lot of women and resonate with them.” Hear, hear.

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