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This Woman From Mumbai Murdered Her Husband With The Help Of Her Lover And Buried His Body In Her Room

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When I decided to become a journalist, I never thought I would be writing about gruesome rapes and murders. But in whatever little experience I have gathered, I realised that it’s these crime stories that really make a difference. Normally, I would start by telling you’ll how cases of violence against women are through the roof. But you’ll know that already and it’s not what today’s story is about. Today, we are going to talk about how sometimes women aren’t the prey, they’re the predators. You see, recently in Mumbai a woman, along with her lover, murdered her husband and buried him in her room. It’s a heinous and disturbing crime.

On Tuesday, the police said that a 28-year-old woman, living in Dahisar, Mumbai, murdered her husband, Raees Sheikh, with the help of her lover, Amit Mishra. She then proceeded to bury his body in her home. Another extremely disturbing fact about this chilling murder is that this woman, identified as Rasheeda Sheikh, slid her husband’s throat in front of their minor daughter. How can someone be so callous?

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According to reports, this incident took place in Rawal Pada locality of Dahisar (east) 12 days ago. After slitting the victim’s throat, the woman and her lover buried his body in her room and went on with their lives. On 25 May, their neighbour registered a missing complaint with the police as he hadn’t seen the victim in over a week. It all came to light when the Raees’s brother searched their home and the daughter broke down and told him about the murder.

What kind of an inhumane person murders a man in front of his daughter? An investigation is underway. The police are in the process of recovering the body. Rasheeda Shaikh was arrested while her lover, Amit Mishra is still absconding. Hopefully, both of them will receive an adequate sentence for their chilling crime.

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