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This Watermelon And Ketchup Combination Is Proof That The Lockdown Is Messing With People’s Taste Buds Too

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Okay so here’s the thing, this lockdown is possibly the most annoying thing to have happened to us. Well actually, this whole year is the most annoying thing, but you get my point. Staying at home all the time with no help has forced me into some pretty dark corners of my mind and right now, of my cupboard because now I am cleaning and dusting three times a day. Isn’t captivity a proven way of driving someone insane? But hey, the option of flouting this lockdown basically does not exist and can be met with severe consequences.

But I can’t tell you how glad I am to be inside this summer. Mumbai summers are deadly (not as deadly as the coronavirus but close) and all these years I just wished we could escape them somehow and we can. I filled with so much joy just thinking about how I don’t have to brave the sun every day and I can just sit at home in the AC and eat watermelon. It’s my favourite fruit and undoubtedly the perfect antidote for summer.

However, someone decided to cut all my indoor summer bliss short by posting a revolting picture on social media. Now, I should warn you, if you thought Nutella Biryani or Gulab Jamun Pav (yes, it’s a thing) was a gruesome assassination of some your favourite food, you might want to brace yourself for this one.

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Allow me to introduce to you all (drum roll please), ketchup on watermelon. If you are nauseous, then congratulations you are on the right side of this war against horrible food combinations. Seriously, I just want to meet one person who eats their watermelon with ketchup on it. I am sure they are the same people that eat their pizza with pineapple on it. In which case, you and I cannot be friends.

Sharing a picture of a slice of watermelon with ketchup drizzled all over it on Twitter, a netizen that goes by the username meow next door wrote, “Do you eat watermelon like this or are you normal??” An apt question to ask in this situation. Is it only me or does it even look unnaturally gross?

Ever since this post has gone viral, it has garnered all sorts of reactions. Most people are just writing “Normal” under the post as an answer to the question. But this lethal combination of watermelon and ketchup should be reported and filed under fruit harassment. Needless to say, unforgiving netizens had very interesting and hilarious reactions.

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Like I said earlier I love watermelons and believe it or not I love ketchup, but if you put the two together it’s the recipe for disaster. Not to mention, you’d be creating a rather disgusting dish. The only reasonable explanation I can find for this rather gross dish is that the lockdown has started messing around with people’s taste buds as well now.

But hey, if you think Nutella Biryani is your thing don’t let me stop you from making watermelon and ketchup your dessert.

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