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This Mumbai Couple Had An Eco-Friendly Wedding Including Planting Trees For Every Guest That Attended. We Love This

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India is one of those few countries in the world that has more than the four major seasons of winter, summer, spring and autumn. We have five. Confused? The 5th season, of course, is the season of weddings, with marriages being the only topic of discussion. People are tying the knot left, right and centre and while that has always meant a season of grand celebration and new beginnings, off late it has also meant that the environment and pollution take a backseat with the kind of wastage and pollution it creates.

As the world shifts on its axis, with climate change becoming a reality and not just the thing that Greta Thunberg talks about all the time, things are changing and so are wedding trends, and for the better. We say this after having come across a couple that has honestly compelled us to re-think our lifestyle choices. Ashwin Malwade and Nupur Agarwal, the couple that met each other in one of the most unconventional way – at a beach clean-up drive, recently tied the knot in a way that has left most of us in awe and in ashamed of not having thought of this earlier.

Changing the rules of the game, this Mumbaikar couple laid out the perfect environmental and couple goals after having one of the most clean and green weddings. Crediting their love story to their mentor Afroz Shah, who was the reason they got together in the first place, the chief Officer in Merchant Navy, Ashwin and marketing professional, Nupur chose to honour their way of meeting by carrying out a wedding that is the cutest we’ve come across yet.

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Choosing Pune to get married, this couple sorted out the minute details and decor of their wedding keeping in mind the need to recycle, compost and preserve the environment while at it. From choosing flowers that would go into compost, to having their trousseau custom made with hashtags like ‘#BeatPlasticPollution and #SaveThePlanet’ embroidered on the inseams, they did their wedding in a way that’s sure to inspire you. Or at least get you to not waste those 200ml water bottles at weddings you attend.

The groom decided to make his entry in an electric car and they took care to segregate the food and the waste into wet and dry making it easier to dispose it off responsibly. The couple even decided to plant 4 trees for every one guest that attended the wedding to make up for the imbalance that would’ve been created.

When talking about their views on this lifestyle that they’ve picked, they said, “We’d like to tell people that we’ve had enough of a convenient life. Given the situation, we have to look towards a life of survival now. We’d like everyone to start working towards sustainability. Even small changes in your lifestyle can make a difference. Be it use of glass bottles instead of plastic ones, reducing the use of earbuds or straws or protect the marine life wherever possible. We don’t want to preach anything but request everyone to give it a try. It’s not impossible.” And clearly, they’ve shown us that.

The amount of waste that a big fat Indian weddings is shockingly huge and to make conscious efforts to combat that and act in a way that doesn’t further damage this environment is only laudable and something we all can learn from!

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