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This Man Was Arrested For Dating 35 Women At The Same Time To Get Birthday Presents

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Here is a controversial question. Do you think birthdays are overrated? If your answer is yes, we can never be friends. I have never understood people who don’t eagerly wait for their birthday every year. The parties, the cakes, the special treatment. And how can I forget my favourite part of it all? The birthday presents! Although I am like Rachel from FRIENDS when it comes to presents, the joy of getting gifts for just being born is unparalleled. Who doesn’t agree? In fact, there are a few people who love getting presents so much that they are willing to go to new and well somewhat illegal lengths to receive them. Like this Japanese man who was arrested for dating 35 women at once just to get birthday presents. I know I shouldn’t laugh but I just can’t help myself.

Dating one person is painful as it is. This Japanese man, Takashi Miyagawa, a serial-dater, was dating 35 women simultaneously. Now, I am all for polygamy, if that is your jam, but this is shocking. Of course, like most men, he had an ulterior motive. You see, he was only dating all these women so he could trick them into giving him a ton of birthday presents. It’s the kind of con I would consider doing. But I won’t. Or will I?

Takashi was arrested in Osaka, Japan, for his serial dating scheme. As local authorities investigated further, they learned that every woman that Takashi was dating seemed to believe that their relationship was uber serious and he was in it for the long haul. Little did they know that he was only with them for birthday presents. These women gave him gifts worth 100,000 yen (Rs 69,329). They consisted of clothing, electronics and other smaller presents.

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Allegedly, Takashi also gave each woman a different birth date. In that way, he ensured that he got birthday presents all year round. According to reports, a 47-year-old woman claimed he told her his birthday was on February 22. While another 40-year-old woman said his birthday was in July. And a 35-year-old thought it was in April.

His entire scheme unravelled when the women found out about his duplicitous behaviour. Just like in the movies, they unified and formed a “victims association”. They alerted the authorities last February. Reportedly, he met most of his 35 victims through his job at a marketing company, which sells shower products. Currently, the police are looking into the birthday present scheme to find out whether more women were conned by Takashi.

Takashi is the real-life Ricky Behl except all he wanted are birthday gifts. That’s what makes this so funny and bizarre. What he did was wrong and very illegal but you can’t help but appreciate the ingenuity behind his crime. Hopefully, the 35 women he conned can get their money back while Takashi celebrates a lot of his real birthdays behind bars.

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