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This Man Threw Acid On A Rape Survivor And Threatened Her So She Would Withdraw Her Case

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Considering the number of rape incidents that are reported on a daily basis, it’s shocking that our police aren’t more vigilant. We’ve come to terms with the fact that there is no women’s safety in our country but the least the authorities can do is protect the rape survivors whose cases are still sub judice. On the one hand, the Unnao rape survivor and her family are being harassed by her security detail. They’re basically on house arrest with no personal liberties. And on the other hand, a rape survivor in Mumbai became the victim of an acid attack by her assailant who wanted to scare her into taking the case back. Why can’t there be moderation? Rape survivors need to be protected adequately.

On Sunday evening, an unidentified man attacked a 38-year-old woman and threatened her to withdraw her police complaint. She had filed this complaint of rape and extortion nearly two months ago. This person threw an acid-filled plastic balloon at her which landed on her legs and injured her severely. How can people be so inhumane?

The rape survivor is a property consultant and a single mother. She lives with her 11-year-old daughter in Andheri East, Mumbai. After the acid attack, she gave a statement to the police. According to that, she was waiting for an auto-rickshaw on the Western Express Highway around 10.50 pm. That’s when someone approached her and threw the acid-filled balloon at her. Reportedly, it also had a note attached that read “Take back your complaint against Bobby Bhole”. Obviously, the woman began screaming and she was rushed to Cooper Hospital.

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According to her statement, on 3 June, this woman had filed a rape and extortion complaint against Bobby Bhole and his friends- Zakir Shaikh, Mahesh Bhole, Akash Malhotra, Mayank and Kapil Bhole. The statement read, “For the past two months, I had been getting threat calls from Bobby, who insists that I take back the case. I approached the Malvani police and submitted a written complaint against her on August 6, but the officer asked me to submit the complaint at Sahar police station, as I had received the calls while I was at Andheri East.”

She further added, “Both my legs have suffered burn injuries in the attack. My daughter and I are extremely worried. I am a single mother and have to go to work. My daughter stays alone at home. I am afraid that these people might try to harm my daughter. Bobby has threatened to kill my daughter too if I don’t withdraw the case. The Andheri police have assured to help me in this. My only request is to arrest Bobby.”

This is just horrifying. Hopefully, the police arrest all the accused before they have another chance to harm the woman or her daughter, especially after what they have been put through before the acid attack.

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