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This Guy Proposed To His Girl During Quarantine With All Their Friends And Family Secretly Watching Through Video Call. How Cute Is This?

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As a girl who is in love and has a habit of daydreaming, there are quite a few prospects of my current relationship that I play out in my head, sometimes even fast forwarding to scenarios that might or might not happen. A romantic proposal is one of my favourite ones, where I go all out and think of all the ways my partner would get down on one knee and ask me to marry him. And while I am sure I am not the only girl out there who indulges in imaginary scenarios, the truth of the matter is that you can’t be too sure of anything in life. You may spend your life thinking about the perfect proposal on a dreamy holiday, but might end up getting proposed in closed quarters during quarantine. Sigh. Life.

But it doesn’t all have to go to shit. There are positives too. As has been the case with this couple, where the guy proposed to his girlfriend during this global lockdown, with all of their friends and family witnessing the moment on video call, and it has been the most adorable thing we’ve come across today. A video that was shared on tiktok by a user named Jaz Zepatos, shows the video of a couple romantically cuddling with each other, when suddenly the girl turns away for a second, which is when the guy goes down on one knee to propose to her.

The woman says yes to the guy and they collapse into a hug, leaving us wanting to break into happy tears for the happy couple. And all this while, unknown to the bride-to-be, their friends and family witnessed the entire event on a video call, which made this gesture not just thoughtful, but too cute, especially in times of Coronavirus!

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As the woman agreed to marry the guy, the two then addressed all the people secretly witnessing their happy moment and ended the video in lots of good wishes, tears and cheers. Who knew that are people out there, who is true sense, have found a way to make the most of even such uncomfortable circumstances and turn them into a memory that they will cherish for the rest of their lives?

The video is currently trending on Tik Tok, and is already beyond 250,000 views with over 57,000 likes and counting. Meanwhile users on the app have been dropping comments on the video about just how beautiful and romantic this gesture has been, and leaving happy wishes like, “So sweet, gave me chills, happy for you guys” and, “I’m not crying you are.” Clearly you don’t need a fancy proposal to make the moment special, just lots of love and a gesture that shows you care!

So happy for this couple!

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