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This Elderly Woman From Pune Single-Handedly Stopped Bikers From Riding On The Footpath. This Is Proof That One Person Can Make A Difference

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I love living in India. The people are (somewhat) nice, there are a plethora of cuisines to explore and of course, we have Shahrukh Khan, need I say more? But obviously just like everything else in the world our country has some terrible qualities too, you have to agree. The overpopulation, rickshaw dudes, people who think it’s okay to urinate in public are just a few of them. But I am sure you agree with me when I say that the worst thing about India is that people have no road etiquette at all. Nothing. Zilch.

My commute to work is barely a half an hour drive. Yet, it takes me an hour to get to the office because every day there is some idiot who causes the world’s largest traffic jam with their lack of judgment or their overconfidence. Driving in Mumbai, or anywhere else pan India for that matter is like entering a daredevil contest. What is worse is the way bike riders think just because they have smaller vehicles, they can cut other people, zoom off without consequences. I can’t remember the last time I saw a person riding a bike decently and not like their ass is on fire.

However, there are two kinds of rule breakers- first are the people actually breaking rules and the second kind are the people who standby quietly watching. But there is someone who can say that she will not stand for people committing traffic violations. She is taking matters into her own hands and is doing one hell of a job.

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Before I tell you about her, allow me to set the scene. Have you ever seen a biker use the footpath to get out of a major traffic jam? If you haven’t then you aren’t paying enough attention because this happens almost every day and it causes a lot of inconvenience for the pedestrians. Everyone knows this happens but there is one elderly lady, Nirmala Gokhale, in Pune who is willing to take on the challenge of putting a stop to this practice by taking the bull by its horns. Or as in this case, by literally making this stop.

In a viral video that was uploaded on Twitter a few days ago, you can see Nirmala standing in the middle of a footpath ensuring that it was free from bikers. She yells at bikers who use the footpath to get ahead and makes sure they use the road. You can hear her saying, “If you want to continue on the footpath you will have to hit me and go. Else get down and ride on the road.” At the end of the video, you can see two more senior citizens who come out to help her with this arduous task.

Until now, this video has nearly 3 lakh views and it has prompted a response from the Pune police and various netizens who are applauding this woman for setting these bikers straight. Take a look at what some of them said:

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We need more women like her who are fearlessly ready to put their foot down. Kudos!

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