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This Couple’s Wedding Card Will Remind You To Vote!

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When you think about your wedding, you’re thinking you’ll walk in wearing a lehenga with fairy dust and magical sequins that will blind your guests. That you’ll land at the altar in a helicopter while Arijit Singh croons into the mike regaling the crowd. Then, when your entire family decides they would rather have limbs, you’ll settle for a wedding where only one kidney will need to be sold. Weddings are a grand affair, and you’ve to be really social.

But this one couple in Karnataka decided to actually include a ‘social’ message in their wedding invite. Their wedding card looks like a voter ID and actually encourages people to go out and vote when the state goes to elections on May 12.

Siddappa Doddachikkannanavar and his fiancee Jyoti wanted to do this to remind people to vote during the elections. This unique wedding card also replicates details down to the T with the fonts, the style and even the photo, all perfectly designed to look like a voter ID. The mugshot, the one where most people look like they desperately need access to a better camera or face, has a picture of the couple.

Karnataka goes to polls in all 224 constituencies on May 12.


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