6 Realities Of Being Parents That No One Talks About

Someone has to talk about parenting pain!

Being a parent is never easy. We’ve all witnessed our parents sacrifice so much for us. Parenting is, obviously, not easy. Our society is quick to pressure couples into reproducing and starting a family but no one really tells them about the realities of parenting. Sure, parenting is rewarding but when the going gets tough, no one tells these parents that it’s okay. Instead, they’re quick to point out where the parent went wrong. So, we thought we’d do the job for society. Here are some things that no one tells us about parenting.

1. You’re Going To Make Mistakes

To err is human. No one has perfect parents and you’re not going to be one. You will make mistakes and mess your kid up. There’s no stopping that.

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2. You’re Bound To Question Your Parenting

Parenting is not all rainbows and sunshine. You will question your beliefs and wonder if you’re even fit to be a parent and be responsible for a tiny human being but trust us, you’ll do just fine.

3. You Will Dislike Your Child At Times

On days when your child throws a tantrum at a party or in public or keeps you up all night crying over something, you will dislike your child. They will get on your nerves and drive you up the wall but trust the love you hold in your heart for the tiny human.

4. You Will End Up Hurting Your Child

Most parents want to never hurt their child but we all mess up. We only hurt the people we love so, you will end up hurting your child one way or another and the guilt will eat you up from inside. But remember to not beat yourself up over it.

5. You’re Going To Go Broke Raising Kids

Kids are expensive AF and there’s no saving you from the big hole that your tiny human is going to burn in your pocket. From diapers to education, everything is super expensive and it will continue to get expensive with inflation. So, good luck!

6. You’ll Bribe And Lie Like A Politician

It is exhausting to be a parent and there will be days when your kid will refuse to behave and you’ll have no choice but to bribe them with something to get them to behave. I mean, if you have guests coming over and your kid doesn’t want to wear pants, what can you do apart from bribing them with ice cream or chocolate? And your kid(s) will have questions and you won’t always have an answer so, you’ll lie. You’ll lie to protect them and reduce their pain too.

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7. You Will Like Other People’s Kids More

We always think grass is greener on the other side and that’s the case here as well. You will have moments when you’d want to swap your kid for someone else’s but trust us, that tiny human isn’t any better. Have some faith in your own child.

Always remember that whatever it is – this too shall pass!

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