‘The Man Behind’ Episode 2: 5 Parenting Lessons Men Need To Take From This Man Who Is Acing Fatherhood

New dads, take notes!
‘The Man Behind’ Episode 2: 5 Parenting Lessons Men Need To Take From This Man Who Is Acing Fatherhood

Parenting is always tough but in a patriarchal society like ours, it’s much tougher for a woman. Women are usually the ones to take on the extra burden of childcare along with other responsibilities. More so when parenthood hasn’t come easy. And sadly, men don’t contribute much when it comes to parenting in a typically patriarchal family. But in today’s time, men too need to contribute towards childcare and be a true father. Episode 2 of Hauterrfly’s The Man Behind, introduces a man who not only aced fatherhood but also showcased what fatherhood looks like. Parenthood did not come easy for Keertthi and Chetan. Soon after they found out about Keertthi’s first pregnancy, misfortune came knocking on their doors in the form of a miscarriage. But when they got pregnant again, Chetan dropped everything to take care of Keertthi as they welcomed parenthood.

In this episode of The Man Behind, Keertthi and Chetan narrated their journey of struggle with the miscarriage and then a complicated pregnancy. In order to take care of his wife, Chetan left his job and spent all his time learning household chores and taking care of his wife but welcoming their daughter did not change things. Even after the birth of their daughter, Chetan continued to shoulder his share of responsibilities while acing fatherhood and setting an example for men across the country. And we think everyone should take some parenting lessons from Chetan.

1. His “Magical” Moment With His Daughter

Chetan was waiting to hear the news of the birth of his baby in the hospital when the doctors called him inside the delivery room. Chetan reveals that he walked in to find his newborn baby girl crying and the second she opened her tiny little eyes and saw him as he introduced himself, she stopped crying. But that’s not all, it felt magical as he held her for the first time and the minute he handed his daughter back, she started crying. To build that kind of bond with your baby even before he or she is born takes immense effort and love which he had put in when he took care of his wife. That’s a lesson right there, guys.

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2. It Started With Diapers

Keertthi revealed that even before the birth of their daughter Chetan had declared that he will not change diapers but he was the one who changed their daughter’s first diaper even though Keertthi asked him to let the nurse do it. Parenthood is all about making changes and sacrifices and going the extra mile and Chetan did just that. Why should only mothers change diapers? Father can and should do it too.

3. Family Is A Priority

Chetan left his job during Keertthi’s pregnancy to take care of her and his family and even after the birth of their daughter, he still continues to prioritise his family over his work and career. He now tries to spend as much time as he can with his family to ensure that he doesn’t miss out on any special moments with his daughter and that she doesn’t miss out on spending time with her father. Fathers, take notes, please!

4. Independence Is Of Utmost Importance

As a father, Chetan believes in raising his child to be independent. Speaking about it, he shared that since her childhood both he and Keertthi have raised her to be independent starting with eating on her own. Most parents tend to pamper their kids a tad bit too much in childhood which makes it tough, in the long run, to let their kid grow on his or her own and become independent.

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5. Parenting Is Supposed To Be Shared Responsibility

Keertthi revealed that raising their daughter together is the best part of parenting for her. More so since Chetan equally shares the responsibility. If she gives her a bath, he dresses her up and if he changes her diaper, Keertthi puts her to sleep. In fact, Keertthi shared that more often than not, he takes on more responsibilities than she does due to her hectic work schedule. It’s time we normalise this. Chetan really is taking fatherhood seriously and plays an active role in raising their daughter. This world really does need more men and more fathers like Chetan.

The Man Behind Episode 2: He Left His Job To Look After His Wife During Her Complicated Pregnancy. In Sickness And In Health!

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