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The Tamil Nadu Government Has Taken An Initiative To Provide Free Sanitary Napkins To Urban Areas. We Are All For This

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As much as we hate this coronavirus-induced lockdown, we can’t deny it highlighted problems that were previously overlooked and ignored. Menstruation, for instance. Even though periods are still heavily stigmatized, state governments are finally starting to see the problem when it comes to period poverty and lack of menstrual hygiene products. After distributing sanitary napkins in rural and tribal areas, the Tamil Nadu government will now provide free sanitary napkins to government schools in urban areas under the menstrual hygiene programme. It’s a much-needed initiative. 

Usually, people assume that it’s only the rural and tribal areas of our country that are deeply impacted by the lack of menstrual hygiene products. But the fact is that because of the taboo factor attached to the concept, women and girls everywhere suffer the consequences. Which is why this initiative taken by the Tamil Nadu government is the right call. 

The scheme to distribute free sanitary napkins, which is being implemented in the rural areas of the state is being extended to the urban areas. This programme is costing the state government a whopping 44 crore rupees. The state government will also be providing menstrual hygiene products to women inpatients at government medical institutions. 

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Tamil Nadu Officials said the state would procure sanitary napkins for girls in the 10-19 age group in urban areas for Rs 34.74 crore and inpatients in the 15-49 age group for Rs 9.4 crore. They told Indian Express, “The napkins will be directly delivered to government schools and an acknowledgement obtained by urban health nurse.” 

This scheme does not only cover girls in government schools. In fact, urban health nurses and Aganwadi workers will visit the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) every Saturday and distribute menstrual hygiene kits. They will also distribute the kits to postnatal mothers during home visits. 

This scheme is said to cover nearly 1,000 health centres in urban areas and metro cities. 

Needless to say, we are all for schemes like these. Our country needs to now focus on closing the problem of period poverty, in rural and urban areas. Tamil Nadu has set a fabulous example, it’s time all state governments follow through.

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