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The Many Allegations Levelled By Sherlyn Chopra Against Raj Kundra

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One of the hottest pieces of news that coming out of Bollywood in recent times is the Raj Kundra pornography case. I mean, they are endlessly talking about it on news channels, so perhaps it is that. The case has revealed so many sides to it, that it is getting a bit difficult to keep a track of it. A lot of female celebrities have come out and allegations against Raj Kundra are adding up, thick and fast. One of the many being actresses and model Sherlyn Chopra. And recently, fearing arrest like Raj Kundra, she had applied for an anticipatory bail in Mumbai’s Sessions Court but was rejected. 

Sherlyn Chopra’s name has come up in the ongoing investigation on the pornography racket. She feared getting arrested like Shilpa Shetty’s husband, Raj Kundra, which is why she had applied for anticipatory bail, but her plea was turned down and rejected by Mumbai’s Sessions Court. 

And while Raj Kundra is currently in 14-day judicial custody, against whom Sherlyn Chopra has registered a number of allegations, she herself has recorded a statement with the Mumbai Crime Branch’s Property Cell.

Earlier in April 2021, Sherlyn Chopra had filed an FIR against Raj Kundra. The FIR stated that Raj Kundra had sexually assaulted her and based on the FIR he was booked by the police. 

In fact, in her complaint against Raj Kundra, Sherlyn Chopra also revealed that they were supposed to meet each other in early 2019 for a business meeting, but Raj Kundra showed up at her house unannounced on 27th March 2019. Sherlyn Chopra gave details of the incident and stated that he showed up at her house because of a heated argument that they had over text. Sherlyn Chopra also spoke up about how Raj Kundra started kissing her even though she tried to resist and stop him.


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Sherlyn Chopra also claims that she had made it extremely clear to Raj Kundra that she did not want to get involved with a married man. Upon which he responded to it by stating that his relationship with his wife, Shilpa Shetty, was very complicated. 

From sexual assault to sexual misconduct – Sherlyn Chopra has raised quite a few allegations against Raj Kundra. And even though the police are still investigating the porn racket case, it is very hard to come to a conclusion yet. Honestly, it is just disheartening to learn that well-educated, high-profile men (who are expected to be decent) go down to such lengths. This case strengthens my belief that it is the mentality of a man that should be judged and not judged on the basis of how educated, rich, etc. he is.


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