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3 Easy Ways To Locate Your Lost Android Phone

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I’m sure this happens to you too — you’re fiddling around with your smartphone and the next thing you know, you’ve misplaced it! I do this literally every other day. The frustration that I go through just trying to remember where I kept it is harrowing. I literally have to ransack my entire house to find the damn phone. And to top it all, I have a habit of keeping my phone on silent mode. (God help me if I ever lose my phone outside my home!)

Fed up with my constant habit of misplacing my phone, I searched the internet and found these seriously helpful tips to help find my Andriod phone — even if it’s on silent mode or switched off altogether. Let me tell you they are highly effective!

1. Android Locator

This is an inbuilt feature in all Android phones and all you have to do is activate it. To do this, go to your Security Settings and open Device Manager. Once there, click on the Android Device Manager to activate it. Give it permission to lock, erase all data, and change passwords. Now if your phone is lost, just open Find My Phone on your computer to locate it. Once you enter your number there, it will locate your phone’s location on the map and lead you to it. There is one tiny problem, though: your phone has to be connected to WiFi or have an active data plan for this to work.

2. Ring My Droid and Clap To Find Apps

There are quite a few apps that help you find your lost phone, but most are complicated or too advanced. The ones I like are Ring My Droid and Clap To Find.

Ring My Droid asks you to set a SMS key phrase. When you can’t find your phone, just send that SMS phrase to your number from any other phone and your phone will start ringing for a good 5 minutes. You don’t need the internet for this app to work. Be careful while choosing the phrase or telling your friends about it though. Imagine the number of pranks you’ll be the target of!

Clap To Find is a really fun app that finds your phone when you clap three times. Sounds like something inspired by The Conjuring, no? Well, it works even if your phone is in flight mode. You can choose whether you want the phone to vibrate or ring when you clap. The problem is, it senses claps, so even if your friends clap and the app is active, your phone will start ringing!

3. Via Speakers

This hack will seem weird to you but it actually works. So, you know how electronic devices send out frequencies? You can now use that frequency to find your phone. Take a set of portable speakers and turn on the music on the highest possible volume. Roam around your house with them, and as soon as it comes in contact with the frequency that your mobile phone emits, you will here a sharp buzzing sound. That’s when you know your phone is close by. Who knew!


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