4 Useful Apps That Make It Super Easy To Host Parties

4 Useful Apps That Make It Super Easy To Host Parties

Attending parties is one thing you never say no to, unless it’s an annoying aunt’s 50th birthday. After all, who doesn’t fancy getting all dressed up, delicious appetisers on hand, and an open bar? It’s the actual act of planning a fun party that has people looking in the other direction during the holiday season. Planning a party can get really hectic, and managing the guest list is just the start of it. There’s the menu, the ambience, finding a theme, sorting the music and so much more to think about. If you like hosting parties but hate the planning, stress, and coordination that comes with it, these apps are just what you need.



1. Pro Party Planner

This app is the answer to all your party-planning prayers. Pro Party Planner lets you import or export your entire guest list along with all the guests’ info to spreadsheets on Google Docs for easy editing. It also helps you communicate with your guests via messages and emails right from the app itself. You can plan multiple parties at the same time and stay in control of your budget in real time easily. Set reminders on the app and get all your tasks done efficiently. Pro Party Planner also has a nice interface and is really simple to use and is available for $4.99 (Rs 330 approximately).

Download the app here: iOS



2. Punchbowl

If you’re someone who likes customising party invitations among other things, meet Punchbowl. Use free templates to make cute personalised invitations and also send them out from the app. You can even manage your invitations and keep a check on who is coming with the RSVP feature. You can also send private messages to your guests and communicate with them easily. If you want to make things fun, add polls and set up a food menu to give your guests options to choose from. They can either suggest a dish or you can take a poll on which dish is most popular.

Download the app here: Android, iOS



3. Event Planner

Besides helping you out with the guest list, Event Planner also has an option to create a ‘To Do’ list so you don’t have to make mental notes and easily clear things off your checklist. This app also has shopping list and budget features where you can input all the things you need to purchase along with the prices and manage your budget efficiently.

Download the app here: Android



4. Punkpost

It’s time for me to say this: It’ll always be handwritten notes over text messages and emails for me. There’s no better way to express your feelings than on a handwritten invitation or thank you note. Punkpost is an app that hand-trascribes your notes into cute personalised ones (it also include emojis *does little happy dance*). The app takes about the same amount of time as composing a text message, so all you need to do is write your message, choose your card and hit send and the app will do the rest. That is, create a beautifully hand-written note and send it to your desired address, all at a cost of $4 (Rs 400 approximately). The app also sends you a photo of the finished product so you know what your card looks like before it gets mailed out.

Download the app here: iOS

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