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The Snow App Will Unleash Your Inner Selfie Addict!

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Here’s the thing — I absolutely love Snapchat, I adore it even! But, correct me if I’m wrong, they’ve kinda dropped the ball on the whole filters section of late. As amused as I am by the 16 filters that Snapchat recycles and uploads on a daily basis, I’m just not satisfied. I mean, how many times will you send bae a selfie with you wearing a flower crown or with those ridiculous sunglasses before he asks you to stop the madness? But guess what, I’ve found a solution — the Snow app, and you’re going to forget all about Snapwhaaa after you check it out.

Move over puppy dog filter, Snow allows you to choose from 100+ filters — say hello to your craziest fantasies! Some of the filters include Minnie mouse ears, the super cute postman teddybear filter, the Harry Potter filter, the spooky mask of Tutankhamen filter, and so much more!

Psst, Snow has over 5 iterations of doggy filters the last time I checked, so there’s that! Secondly, Snow combines Instagram’s awesome colour filters and animations for a really fun experience. Don’t believe me? Here’s #HauteSquad pouting and posing for you in their favourite Snow selfies!


Snow App_Hauterfly

Zahra Khan

Snow App_Hauterfly

Baishali Chatterjee

Snow App_Hauterfly

Aindrila Mitra

Snow App_Hauterfly

Meghana Choraria

Snow App_Hauterfly

Snehal Fernandes

Snow App_Hauterfly

Tatiana Dias

Snow App_Hauterfly

Farozan Dossani

Snow App_Hauterfly

Mansi Chouksey


Japleen Kaur

Download it for iOS and Android here!


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