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20 GIFs To Definitely Use On Tinder NOW!

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I’m sure almost everyone is super familiar with Tinder by now. For those still living under a rock, Tinder is an online dating app that helps you connect with men and women based on your location and interests. This social discovery app has, over time, become a one-stop for those who are on the lookout for like-minded people to either forge friendships or score dates with. And all this with the help of a simple swipe.

There’s no doubt that a face-to-face conversation is always the real deal, but thanks to emojis and GIFs, online conversations have become a lot more fun and entertaining. You’ve got to agree that using a GIF to introduce yourself online is a legit conversation starter. That would definitely add some fun, wouldn’t it? And thanks to Tinder’s recent update, GIFs are now a perfect ice breaker for those who struggle with their first message with their match. Ever since the feature has been introduced, more than 20 billion GIFs have been exchanged between Tinder users! Tinder statistics show that conversations using GIFs are twice as long as conversations otherwise.

Here are Tinder’s 20 most-used GIFs that will not just get you a response but also make your conversations a lot more interesting. Also, who knows, you might just hit it off with your match, all thanks to that GIF you sent!


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