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Instagram Finally Has A ‘Mute’ Feature So Goodbye Unwanted Relatives!

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My mom’s best friend followed me on Instagram recently, and I knew my social life was going to be the talk of the town, or at least the upcoming kitty parties. Out of respect, I had to follow back. Thereafter, my feed saw an attack of zoomed in chin selfies, random good morning quotes, and ‘enjoying with friends’ pictures in a hundred different angles.

Just as I was considering deleting the app forever, Instagram came out with a feature that can save lives. The ‘Mute’ update allows you to hide posts from accounts whose posts you don’t want on your feed. In my case, the said aunty.

Instagram Mute Update_Hauterfly

When it comes to public accounts, they can be easily unfollowed or blocked, but when it comes to relatives, friends or that girl in school who you can’t unfollow ’cause it’ll be rude, but are fed up of her #OOTDs… now, you have an escape. There is a God, you guys. There is one!

To activate this feature, just tap on the ‘…’, and you’ll get the option in the drop tab. Go on, mute those exes who you still want to stalk occasionally, but whose updates you don’t want to see regularly.

Now, if only there was a way to mute my profile on certain people’s accounts, that’ll be nice too. Instagram? Figure it out, please!


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