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This Detox Plan Allows You To Eat All The Junk Food And Desserts You Want

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While such a diet plan is still a work of fiction, I promise I didn’t lie. After numerous failed attempts (and green tea sessions), our diet plans are still just pointers in the diary. So, why not head in a different direction and go on a digital detox? For starters, you can eat everything and anything you want.



Before you click that ‘x’ icon, please read for just another minute. You need this digital detox if any of the symptoms below seem familiar —

  • You can’t stay away from your phone for more than 20 minutes.
  • You sleep with the phone under your pillow.
  • If your phone is dead, you feel like a corpse.
  • You have more friends on Facebook than in reality.
  • You keep checking your WhatsApp, even when you have no new messages.
  • Your favourite past time is trying out new filters on Snapchat.
  • You are reading this article.



Now that you have decided to stay, maybe out of guilt, let’s chalk out the week-long plan, which is actually quite simple and doesn’t make you give up on ALL social interaction. I understand that we live in the digital world and being on social media is as necessary as oxygen now, but for your own sanity, you need to cut off a little…sometimes. Take a break and you might just be surprised at how you feel at the end of it.

I know this because I’m on my phone more than my mum (who, BTW, is on social media more than my social media manager is), friends, and dates would like. Plus, my sleep is cycle is going for a toss, with panda-like dark circles and mugs of coffee as proof.

PS: Social team? I Love You.


Day 1

Unfollow and unfriend people who you haven’t ever interacted with. Unsubscribe to emails that you never open.


Day 2

Turn off notifications. Frankly, they are irritating AF. I can see you nod there.


Day 3

Look at your phone only after breakfast. This way, you will actually eat your breakfast! Win-win.


Day 4

Charge your phone in some other room. Long-distance relationships do work, peeps.


Day 5

Go out for lunch, dinner, or coffee without your phone. Let it rest for a while. Instagram is understanding like that.


Day 6

Designate only an hour to look at social media. It’s the good kind of pain.


Day 7

Shut off completely and appreciate nature. Hear the birds sing or the cars honk. Dedicate this day to everything other than your phone.

Think I’m nuts? Go watch Episode 1, Season 3 of Black Mirror and you will agree. Oh, you will agree for sure.


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