Soon You’ll Be Able To Shop Inside Facebook!

Post Instagram and Pinterest launching their shoppable features, it’s now time for Facebook to walk the talk. The social media giant is currently testing out two new innovations that will allow users to shop directly from their favourite retailers via the app.

While Instagram has recently released shoppable ads, it still doesn’t allow hyperlinks within posts. This makes Facebook’s new feature called Canvas very exciting, as it entices users like you and me to click on irresistible products and shop, shop, shop! Basically a news feed ad from a retailer, Canvas opens into a full-screen experience when you click on it, giving you detailed descriptions of products on show as well as easy link-outs to the retailer’s website so that you can shop items instantly. Currently, American clothing giant Target is testing this out and here’s what the Canvas experience looks like:

A snapshot of Canvas in action. Pic courtesy: WWD

Facebook is also experimenting with a new Shopping Tab, which curates shoppable products from various retailers inside the mobile app.


A snapshot of the new Shopping tab. Pic courtesy: AdWeek


Looks like Facebook is totally poised for world domination, making sure we NEVER leave the app for anything ever again! (*cue evil genius laughter*)

Shachi Lavingia

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