Facebook and Instagram Launch New Features For Women’s Safety In India

The increasing traffic in the virtual world can also increase the chances of falling prey to cybercrimes, especially on social media. Online crimes targeting women have expanded in India, such crimes include cyberstalking, cyber eve-teasing, cyber harassment, cyberbullying, cyber defamation, cyber pornography, and many more. Recently, Facebook and Instagram have taken initiative to make their platform a little safer for women. Facebook and Instagram, which are owned by Meta, are all set to launch new features for the safety of women online.

The social media giant is taking various steps towards women’s safety. It is developing strong policies towards bullying and harassment or making technological changes to tackle the sharing of non-consensual intimate images on social media platform.

Women’s Safety Hub

The new safety hub is launched in Hindi and 11 other languages to enable more women users to access information about tools and resources and make the best use of the platform while staying safe online in India. As per reports, the Women’s Safety Hub will have all the safety resources women need while navigating the platform. It will also include certain resources for women leaders, journalists, and survivors of abuse. It will provide video-on-demand safety training and will allow users to register for live safety training hosted that will be in multiple languages.

StopNCII.org For Stopping The Spread Of Non-Consensual Intimate Pictures

StopNCII.org has been built by Meta to provide safety, privacy, and security to the users. As per the report, it will aim to empower women across the globe to counter and prevent the spread of non-consensual intimate images (NCII). To safeguard women’s online privacy in India, the platform partnered with organisations such as Social Media Matters, the Centre for Social Research, and Red Dot Foundation. UK Revenge Porn Helpline will operate it.

“At Meta, building a safe online experience has been a priority and our commitment and efforts to keep women safe are industry leading,” Karuna Nair, Director Global Safety Policy at Meta Platforms Inc said.

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The internet has become a way of life for millions of people today but the rapid technological advancements can be threatening too, especially for women. Instagram just recently launched two safety campaigns, ‘Safe Stree’ and ‘My Kanoon” to help people be safe online. 

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