Editor’s Pick: Shachi’s Super Cute Polaroid Camera

Editor’s Pick: Shachi’s Super Cute Polaroid Camera

I love taking pictures that I can cherish forever. And regardless of what my Instagram feed looks like, I usually prefer being behind the camera than in front of it. Since I love candid photography,  I recently bought myself the Nikon D 5100 (I was thrilled about gifting myself something for the first time from my own salary, ok?) and was sure I’d be carrying it around everywhere.

Unfortunately, gifting myself a bulky camera was a stupid idea given that I’ve not used it more than thrice in the 2 years that I’ve had it. It’s not convenient to carry around a D-SLR because it’s heavy and really not as portable as they say it is. Also, it was no instant camera. I cannot begin to tell you my fascination with one of those. I LOVE polaroid cameras because they’re tiny and cute and print your photos INSTANTLY. Do you need any more reasons to love them?


Fujifilm Instax Instant Film Camera


While they’re perfect for capturing memories, they’re not ideal for actual photography so steer clear if you’re looking for professional grade photos. However, when I came across this Fujifilm instant camera, I jumped with joy. Besides being super cute and absolutely portable, it’s pretty easy on the pocket. The camera also comes in some really fun colours and is the perfect size to fit inside your bag. A pop of colour with instant photos — my memories box is now overflowing with crazy photos!

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Shachi Lavingia

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