These Skin Perfecting Apps Will Change Your Selfie Game!

These Skin Perfecting Apps Will Change Your Selfie Game!

Not many of us have a perfect skin. And as much as we’re all about embracing imperfections and loving ourselves just the way we are, we do care about how we look in photos every now and then. We love clicking pictures too, so don’t you dare tell me that you don’t click a million selfies until you have the perfect one. You want your selfie to be perfect, irrespective of the blemishes you have on that gorgeous face. And with the amount of beauty apps out there, finding ones that work your skin into perfection is much needed. These 3 skin perfecting apps give you a flawless complexion in your pictures, thanks to all their different features. Try them out and let us know what you think.



1. Whitagram

Whitagram is your Aviary, Instasize, VSCO and other photo editing apps combined in one. It’s THAT good. It not only gives you clear-looking skin by blowing out your picture, but also provides you with special features like high definition and lets you control the brightness of the picture. This crops your pictures automatically though, so you might want to pick pictures that aren’t too big. This free app is the best there is when you’re looking for a photo editing app that does everything for you.

Download here: Android, iOS



2. Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder clears out your acne, gives you a smoother-looking skin, enlarges your eyes if need be and what not! Seriously, it’s so much fun playing around with it. Your spots will vanish in one click instead of struggling with other photo editors with drag and disappear functions. If you want to give your selfie a soft light effect or an old photo effect, Photo Wonder will do it for you. It’s got all kinds of cool effects that you can choose from, and what’s best is its slimming feature. If you’ve been day-dreaming about shedding those extra kilos, Photo Wonder can show you how you’ll look when you finally make that happen!

Download here: Android, iOS



3. Facetune

Even though Facetune is a paid app, it’s probably the best skin-perfecting app there is. For Rs. 273 approximately on the App Store and Rs 10 on the Play Store, you’ll be getting a clearer skin AND a mind-blowing picture to flaunt on social media. The features it offers are unbelievable. You can zoom in to any part of your picture and change the colour and texture of anything. Love the idea of having blue or grey eyes, or coloured hair? Swipe a couple of times and you’ve got a brand new look on Facetune, along with smooth skin. Cool, eh?

Download here: Android, iOS

Shachi Lavingia

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