7 Apps For Making Insanely Fun GIFs!

7 Apps For Making Insanely Fun GIFs!

Are you one of those girls who visits Tumblr on a weekly basis, spending god-knows-how-many-hours looking for fun GIFs to post on social media? Yeah, you don’t need to do that anymore. Last month I reviewed Boomerang — a new GIF-like app from Instagram — that allows you to creates moving photos. This month, I’m giving you seven apps to make your very own GIFs instead! *Cue happy dance animation*


1. GIF Camera

This app is one of the best GIF-making apps I’ve come across so far; I actually had a crazy time playing around with it all day. Super simple to use, all you need to do is click “Make GIF” and record yourself using the front camera, or shoot any object to make your GIF. It’s equally easy to share on social media. What’s best is that you can change the pace of the GIF to move faster or slower, depending on your level of retarded-ness. It’s so funny, you’re going to be hooked the second you download it!

Download here: Android




DSCO takes GIFs a notch higher with its super cool features. Tap on the shutter button for quicker loops and keep it pressed for a longer GIF. For anyone who’s familiar with VSCO Cam, here’s a treat. You can add VSCO Cam filters to your GIF by swiping left on the app. Change your settings by using two fingers to swipe down, and once you’re happy with the final outcome you can share it on social media as well as the VSCO community.

Download here: iOS



3. UltraText

If you’re into texting, UltraText will blow your mind. This app turns your normal text message into a bright, animated GIF, and is compatible with Facebook Messenger. Not just that, it also gives you different fonts, stickers and colours to choose from to make your GIF as dramatic as you want. It’s perfect for when you want to give extremely good news to your friends!

Download here: Android & iOS



4. GIPHY Cam

GIPHY is like the library of my dreams, full of animated GIFs for every silly occasion. You can scroll through thousands of GIFs for inspiration, then create your own using GIPHY Cam. Make use of the volume button to click burst-mode GIFs, and add special effects and filters to your version before sharing it with your friends. This app is super entertaining and full of really cool filters.

Download here: iOS



5. Giffage

More than making a GIF, the hard part is looking for one that describes exactly what you need to say. This app uses the GIPHY library and gives you direct access to all its GIFs. It also comes with a GIF keyboard to make sharing extremely easy. Giffage also has categories like memes, emotions, etc and allows you to create your own list and store all your favourite GIFs.You can also check out the most trending GIF under notifications and copy it to share with your inner circle of crazies.

Download here: iOS



6. GifX

GifX is pretty simple to use, not to mention extremely trippy. Upload a picture or video from your photo gallery and choose from various wallpapers as a layer of movement. You can also control how opaque the background looks against your picture/video, depending on whether or not you want the effect to be obvious. GifX has to be the best thing that has happened to my static photo gallery!

Download here: iOS



7. Phhhoto

Here’s an app that works like a feed…a social network in itself that also comes with a couple of fun filters. There are some new filters currently that go perfectly well with the holiday season. Phhhoto has a multi-frame camera, so just open the app and record the object of your choice using the front or back camera. It also has a discovery tab called WOW which has some crazy looping videos you’ll want to check out from time to time (read: on the hour, every hour!).

Download here: Android & iOS

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