Swiss Army Allows Female Recruits To Wear Women’s Underwear. They Had To Wear Men’s Underwear Till Now

Swiss Army Allows Female Recruits To Wear Women’s Underwear. They Had To Wear Men’s Underwear Till Now

Some would say that this is a great time to be a woman. With opportunities opening up for us in every field and occupation and education finally being taken seriously as women push back against the patriarchy to stand for their rights, we have managed to steady our foot in a world that was largely holding it together for women. From MNCs to Army, every occupation that once was reserved for our male counterparts is finally making room for us women, who have proven our mettle in every step of the way.

And while our efforts and capabilities were still being acknowledged as we climbed our way to the top, there was still a long way to go and a lot of sexism to battle. Especially in the armed forces, where even though women cadets had started to get recruited, their uniform was still a hand-me-down from the men. Including the underwear that was being offered to them, as reported in Switzerland.

Under the current system in the Switzerland army, the standard uniform that is issued to the female military recruits includes underwear that is primarily for the men. However, that is now set to change as Switzerland seeks to allow female recruits to wear female underwear as part of their initiative to boost recruitment.

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As of now,  women make up about 1% of the total Swiss armed forces, but the country is hopeful to increase that figure to 10% by 2030. And in a way to achieve that target, they are looking at beginning a trial where women recruits would be provided two different sets of female underwear for warmer and colder months.

Marianne Binder, a member of the Swiss National Council, who thinks that this step would encourage comfort among women and motivate many others to join in, commented on the move and said, “The clothing is designed for men, but if the army is really to become more feminine, appropriate measures are needed.”

And while women’s underwear will specifically be looked into being made more comfortable and functional, Army spokesman Kaj-Gunnar Sievert also said that changes were being considered in relation to other supplies as well, such as combat clothing, protective vests and backpacks. “The focus will be on fit and functionality,” said Kaj-Gunnar.

Where up until now the sizes in such clothing and protective wear were quite restricted, change will be happening sooner rather than later. While, it is a shame that even till now women had to fit themselves in uniforms designed for men, despite proving their own worth to be standing where they do, it is a relief to know that things are finally turning around. After all, better late than never, right?

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