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Surveen Chawla Talks About How She Dealt With Post-Partum Depression. This Is The Kind Of Realness Moms Need To Hear About

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Every time my mother talks to me about the time that she was pregnant with me, I find myself respecting her even more. From sharing with me the kind of care she took of herself to be able to keep me safe inside her womb to talking about the struggles she faced after I was born, there is nothing in my opinion that comes close to the kind of love a mother has for her child. And while it is always heartening to see mothers deeply care for their young ones, they often forget to take care of their selves in the process. A fact that many young actresses who have recently entered the world of motherhood are talking about and it’s real. Including Sacred Games actress Surveen Chawla who has always tried to keep and stay fit, even during and post her pregnancy.

Having delivered a beautiful baby girl earlier this year, Surveen Chawla has been seen making quite a few rounds on social media and internet, for everything including her work, health, pregnancy and now her disciplined fitness routine. Being an avid advocate of promoting healthy living and keeping fit, she recently opened up about the kind of activities and routines she indulges in to keep herself active.

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She shared how after she had delivered her daughter Eva in April this year, she turned to yoga and cardiovascular activity to stay on course. From sticking strictly to home-cooked meals and not even feeling the need to cheat during the time, Surveen shared that out of the total 18 kgs weight that she gained during her pregnancy, she has only 5 more kgs are left to lose. And this in the span of 6 months where she has worked religiously and with care.

Also talking about the post-partum depression that follows, especially in this line of work where most things like these aren’t talked about, Surveen said, “There were days when my emotions were all over the place. But, I did my best to stay centred, and share my feelings with my partner. I reminded myself every day that I was doing the best I could.” And that is exactly the kind of attitude one needs to have. Pregnancy and post-partum depression can be both too new and sometimes too much to handle for young mothers. It is then when we must remind themselves of just how strong we are and what a long way we have some. Something we all can definitely learn from the Sacred Games actress.

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