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Study Reveals Women Are More Prone To Depression Than Men. Not Surprising At All!

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You know, I have realised that these days, people can just talk about the importance of mental health because taking a step towards the betterment of people’s mental health will definitely disrupt the toxic work culture and we can’t afford it, right? Anyways, I have sad or…depressing news for all women, a new study revealed that women are more prone to experience depression than men. Trust me, it’s not surprising at all!

A Study Reveals Women Are More Prone To Depression Than Men

A new study, which was recently published in the journal Biological Psychiatry, shows that women are more likely to have depression than men. The study also highlights that treating women’s disorders is more challenging and ineffective at times as the cause for this difference is unknown.

Researchers from the University of California, Davis teamed up with scholars from Princeton University, Mount Sinai Hospital, and Laval University, Quebec, to conduct this study in an effort to understand how a specific part of our brain – the nucleus accumbens is affected when we experience the depression.

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According to the research, depression has an impact on the nucleus accumbens, which is important for motivation, reaction to pleasurable experiences, and other social connections. Previous studies in the nucleus accumbens revealed that women with depression have these genes turned on or off, whereas men didn’t. Alexia Williams is a doctoral researcher and recent UC Davis graduate who designed and led these studies. She said that the findings of this study are exciting because women are understudied in this field, and this will allow her to focus her attention on the relevance of these data for women’s health.

Williams also mentioned that they hope that these studies, which focus on elucidating mechanisms of specific symptoms of complex mental illnesses, will bring science one step closer to developing new treatments for those in need.

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Well, looks like we have to take care of our mental health because sharing hilarious ‘My Therapist’ memes on social media and using humour as our coping mechanism will not work anymore.

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