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Spread Positivity: Falguni Pathak Entertains Her Neighbours By Singing From Her Balcony. Her Voice Will Give You Goosebumps

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This lockdown has made me realise a lot of things.  Like how we must take a break from our usual maddening lives to stop and smell the flowers. To say the least, being confined to the house has been tougher than when we would run around all day. But this is what we have to right now, so we are going to suck it up and brave through the storm.

Besides, this lockdown has really brought out the humanity and a sense of being better neighbours in us. Now more than ever, people are going out of their way to ensure their neighbours and everyone else living in their vicinity is safe and motivated. I guess it took a lockdown due to a pandemic for people to realise what love thy neighbour means.

Staying entertained and keeping your morale high, however, is much easier when you have a neighbour like Falguni Pathak. A video of this singing sensation went viral on 10 May showing her performing on her balcony while her neighbours eagerly listened.

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In the video, Falguni was singing Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaaye from the movie Anand. And even though no musical instruments were backing her up, her melodious voice was more than enough to grab everyone’s attention. You can see people in her surrounding buildings standing on their balconies and enjoying this live performance.

This video shared by a Twitter user called Rosy. She captioned the one-and-a-half-minute clip saying, “Falguni Pathak entertaining neighbours with melodious songs during the lockdown.”

It’s amazing how much positivity these performances bring. That’s all we can do right now, isn’t it? Stay positive and hopeful. And living near Falguni Pathak who is using her balcony to keep everyone’s spirits high and keep her neighbours entertained is the easiest way to do that. And well, if you don’t happen to live next to her maybe just watch this clipping on repeat. It won’t have the same oomph, but it’ll get the job done.

People singing on balconies during this coronavirus lockdown is not a new or an uncommon occurrence. But the fact that every 90’s kid has practically grown up listening to Falguni Pathak is what makes this so special.

All we can do right now is to stay positive and help everyone around us to do the same, just like Falguni is doing.

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