Spoyl Surely Knows How To Spoil You For Choice!


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It’s my favourite time of the year — the festive season! One can actually feel all the love and warmth in the air. For me, festivals are surely synonymous with shopping. *Yay*  But with shopping comes great responsibility. My mom keeps complaining about my overflowing wardrobe, and hence thinks that there is a legit reason for me to stop buying new clothes. Thanks to this miraculous app called Spoyl, I now have the perfect retort for her.

Spoyl is basically a platform for women to buy and sell their second-hand clothes. The way I see it, it’s a complete win-win situation for everyone. One can sell clothes, accessories, shoes, or just about anything on this app. If you get bored of something in your wardrobe, just click a picture, upload it, and list a pricing that you expect. Someone with the similar tastes in fashion will grab the product and be more than happy to get it for a much lower price.

This app will literally spoil you for choice. With so many fashionistas on board, you have plenty to choose from, especially when you are a little low on budget. Or if you want to finance your future shopping trips, just put some of your outfits on display and make some money. *Dancing*

Meghana Choraria

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