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Spanish Police Investigates Rise In Cases Where Women Get Injected With Spiked Syringes In Clubs. This Is Scary And Shocking!

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It is disgusting to see how low predatory men can stoop to violate a woman. We all have been hearing of cases where a man spikes a woman’s drink in a club and then takes advantage of her when she is in an intoxicated state. Now women have become more aware of these tactics and are taking precautions by not leaving their drinks unattended in public places like these. But who would have thought that men with such a sick mentality would come up with worse ways to intoxicate a woman? In what comes as shocking news from Spain, women are being reportedly injected with spiked syringes in crowded places like clubs.

Spanish Women Injected With Spiked Syringes

As per a report by News 18, the Spanish police are currently investigating a rather bizarre and shocking case where men are reportedly injecting women with spiked syringes. These cases are being reported to the police and also on social media which has led to people believing that men who want to prey on women have found a new way to do so.

But interestingly, when the victims go to the doctor to get checked, their results come out negative for any kind of drug or toxins which were expected to be found in the bloodstream of these women. The Basque police have said that the victims have reported also to them and said that in the club when they are partying, they feel a needle pricking their arm or sometimes even in the leg. After this, they feel dizzy or sleepy.

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The police are also spreading awareness about this and asking women who have been injected to go get checked immediately. The first cases in Spain were reported in July 2022 when the Pamplona bull-running festival was on in full swing.

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