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So No One Is Going To Talk About How Dalgona Coffee Is Just Your Regular Coffee? Because It Really Is

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We have been pushed away from the world of physical interaction and into a world of social media with this coronavirus crisis and there have been quite a few addictions that have come along with it. Be it that of hibernating for hours, or falling into a trap of binge-everything, or even forming a habit of refreshing Instagram every 2 minutes, we’ve all been hit. Some might call it a silver lining that’s keeping them sane during this time, others might call it collateral damage for there is a chance we may overdose and never go back to them ever again. And while we know it in our hearts that millennials like us seldom get enough of anything, let alone Netflix, we sure as hell hope this might be the end of the viral and trending Dalgona coffee that has taken over social media!

You see,  I am not known to harbour such strong feelings for many things. Because, well, consider this – the last time I was so repelled was back in 2017 which became the first and the last time I did tequila shots. However, it’s not quite as same this time. Though, I am not gagging this time and it’s not like I hate coffee, but just the over the top and incessant inflow of insta stories and tweets on social media that have made a simple run of the mill coffee go viral.

Following the footsteps of Priya Prakash Varrier and becoming an overnight social media sensation, Dalgona coffee, is nothing but a fancier take on your average coffee, topped with a few insta filters and lots of hashtags. The way you make it, is that you take coffee powder, crushed sugar and a spoon full of water, and whisk it in a glass until it the mixture becomes thick and frothy. Once you have that, you take a glass of milk, pour this thick amalgamation on top, and voila! You have yourself a viral blended coffee, that mind you, is not a cure to Coronavirus, despite its aggressive marketing.

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The thing is, we don’t quite understand what the big deal here is about. For years and years, people have been beating into sugar and coffee powder just the same, although reversing the action of pouring milk on top, to make the exactly same coffee that netizens are currently going crazy about.  What’s next, 2 minute Maggie challenge coming our way? We get how we are in the middle of an existential crisis, considering how even washing hands has now become a challenge, but making coffee? Seriously? We can do much better!

Also, you can’t have the concoction alone – it won’t go down your throat – so you have to mix it in with the milk, thereby making it like any other cup coffee. What is it that I don’t get? I am going to go over to facebook and mark myself safe from this challenge.

Yes, we are aware that people are relatively free and overly susceptible to falling into social media gimmicks and challenges right now, but if I see one more post about dalgona coffee, the world might just find itself, one coffee lover less. From its taste to its look, which in most cases might hold an uncanny resemblance to a child’s poo poo, nothing about this viral trend is worth exploring and maybe, just maybeee, people need to get over it. Time for Dalgona, to Dal-Go-na?

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