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Silver Lining: This Woman In Beirut Is Making Dolls For Kids Who Lost Theirs During The Beirut Blast. This Is Heart Warming

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The day was Tuesday, 4th of August, I was lounging around in my living room trying to focus on my work when the news channels started circulating  the disastrous and mind-numbing videos of Beirut, as it got covered in dust, ashes and smoke after a defeaning blast in the capital city. Social media, new channels, and newspapers were flooded with the news of a tremendous blast in Lebanon that killed over 135 people in a tragedy that happened due to sheer negligence. And meanwhile, those who suffered were innocent inhabitants of the city, who paid the price for this bureaucratic mistake with their own lives.

People across the city were left homeless and the horrifying sight and vibrations of an explosion literally shook the city to its core. And while there was hardly anything left to salvage, there is a woman named Yolande Labaki who has decided to make the most of her talent, to bring a smile across those children who still suffer the loss of the explosion all those months back.

Doing her bit in Beirut is this elderly woman named Yolande, who is now making dolls for all the children who lost theirs during the catastrophe. One day after the explosion, on August 5th, Yolande woke up with a determination to make the kids smile with her effort of bringing their beloved dolls back to them.


Une initiative de Yolande Labaki au profit de Achrafieh 2020

Le 4 août 2020 sera à jamais…

Posted by Akram Nehme on Tuesday, 24 November 2020

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Using her talent as an artist and putting it for a noble cause, so far Yolande has made 77 dolls with 23 more to go to hit a round 100. She means to name the doll after every girl who receives one. In a story posted by Akram Nehme who further posted Yolande’s story translated the French into English to say, “An initiative by Yolande Labaki to benefit Achrafieh 2020. August 4, 2020 will forever be synonymous with loss. There has been loss of life, loss of material, and also loss perceived by children who saw their toys go in smoke.”

Akram Nehme added, “Great grandmother and well-known talented artist, Yolande Labaki, has embraced the magnificent task of handcrafting dolls of her creation to give them to 100 Achrafieh girls who lost theirs. Every morning, since August 5, Yolande Labaki wakes up early and gets to work. She’s at her seventy-eighth doll. Each of them will bear the name of the girl who will receive it.”

The post has now gone viral and received more than 1400 likes with more than hundred shares. Despite the major destruction that befell Beirut city, after old explosive material was left stranded for years on end, it is heartening to see people trying to make efforts to put a smile across kids’ faces.

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